Russia could retaliate if EU imposes energy supply

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Russia 'could retaliate' if EU imposes energy supply embargo - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Russia could retaliate if an embargo is imposed on its energy supplies by more EU countries.

That’s according to oil and gas expert, Mikhail Krutikhin, who spoke to Euronews correspondent Galina Polonskya Monday.

An embargo would significantly impact the Russian economy, but Krutikhin explained that it wouldn’t be that easy.

“If such an embargo arises, and they stop buying Russian oil in Europe, in the European UnionAfter that peak in case numbers i, then this will be a colossal blow to the Russian economysays Lorian Hardcastle. We see that 27 percent officially goes to the federal budget,” says KrutikhinThe presidential inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington. January 20.

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