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The industry boom exceeded expectations, and the construction machinery giant was not afraid of economic regulation

the industry boom exceeded expectations, and the construction machinery giant was not afraid of economic regulation

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Guide: the latest data show that the domestic construction machinery industry boom exceeded expectations in the first five months, of which the sales revenue of concrete machinery has reached the sum of the whole year 2009. We learned from several leading construction machinery companies that the foam granulator products of each company are in short supply at present. A research report points out that there is no lack of new development in the industry in the future

the latest data shows that the boom of domestic construction machinery industry in the first five months exceeded expectations, and the sales revenue of concrete machinery has reached the sum of the whole year of 2009. We learned from several leading construction machinery companies that their products are in short supply at present. A research report pointed out that there is no lack of new impetus for the development of the industry in the future, among which regional planning and affordable housing will provide new driving forces for the development of the industry, especially the construction of affordable housing is very strong. It can be seen that macro-control and even economic transformation will not hit the construction machinery industry hard. After all, the strategic focus of expanding domestic demand and consumption is to promote urbanization

both inside and outside are excellent. Sany Heavy Industry's major shareholders are confident to increase their holdings.

just as the market continues to decline, Sany group, the controlling shareholder, bucked the trend to increase its holdings, making Sany Heavy Industry (600031) once again become the focus of market attention

on June 29, Sany group increased its holdings of 2.083 million shares of Sany Heavy Industry at an average price of 17.93 yuan/share, at a cost of 37.35 million yuan. Not only that, Sany group also promised to continue to increase its holdings of Listed Companies in the next six months in order not to cause such failures and troubleshooting methods: (1) the push rod of the key switch is too long and higher than 20 yuan/share, and the cumulative increase in holdings does not exceed 1% of the total share capital. If measured by the upper limit of shareholding increase, the capital used in this round of shareholding increase of Sany group will exceed 400million yuan in theory (calculated at the increase price of 18 yuan/share). Such an "expensive" commitment to increase holdings can not help but make investors think: what is the confidence of Sany group in this large-scale stock purchase

industrial securities industry analysts said that as the best quality enterprise in the construction machinery industry, Sany Heavy Industry Management's strategy and industry grasp ability are second to none. As a representative of industrial capital, Sany group's increase in holdings of listed companies at this time is by no means a "play", but to recognize the current valuation of listed companies from the perspective of industrial development, and then through the increase, it shows that it is optimistic about the development prospects of listed companies

it is worth mentioning that just before this shareholding increase, Sany group decided to inject all the assets of its Hunan Automobile and sany automobile into the listed company at a price of 2.28 billion in mid June. It is reported that Hunan Automobile's main business is concrete mixer truck chassis and complete vehicles, and sany automobile's main business is cranes. After the completion of this integration, Sany Heavy Industry will form a complete construction machinery product chain including concrete machinery, excavators, cranes, graders, rotary drilling rigs, etc. while reducing related party transactions, this acquisition is also conducive to strengthening the company's main business

unlike Zoomlion, which is located in Hunan Province, which is pushing for extensive expansion, Sany's expansion and strength are mostly due to the acquisition of the group's core assets. Previously, the company issued additional shares to 10 natural persons including Chairman Liang Wengen to purchase 100% equity of Sany Heavy machinery investment, which was approved by the CSRC at the end of last year, and the delivery and transfer of this asset was completed in the first quarter of this year. Now, after the injection of Hunan Automobile and sany automobile, all the construction machinery related assets of Sany group have been included in Sany Heavy Industry, and the construction machinery assets of the former have been listed as a whole

while actively purchasing high-quality assets from major shareholders, the original business performance of Sany Heavy Industry also rose gratifying, benefiting from the recovery of the industry boom. The first quarter report showed that the sales revenue and net profit of the company during the reporting period increased by 110.25% and 170.85% respectively compared with the same period last year

relevant securities research reports also pointed out that after the completion of the above acquisition, Sany Heavy Industry is expected to earn 30.52 billion yuan, 35.71 billion yuan and 41.06 billion yuan in 2010, 2011 and 2012, with growth rates of 85.0%, 17.0% and 15.0% respectively; The net profits attributable to the parent company in the next three years will reach 3.51 billion yuan, 4.4 billion yuan and 5.16 billion yuan respectively

it is not surprising that Sany group has supported the stock price of listed companies by increasing its holdings, thanks to the steady growth of its original business of high-performance fibers and composites, biomedical materials, rare earth functional materials, etc.

which have advantages over our province, and the broad profit prospects of the assets to be purchased

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