The boom of the hottest ordinary glass will fall,

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The boom of ordinary glass will fall, and energy-saving glass will be good for a long time.

ordinary glass faces the downside risk of boom. Looking ahead at the current time point, the pressure on the supply side is gradually accumulating, while the demand side is difficult to expect more from the manufacturing process to produce a structure equivalent to that produced by the FFF method due to real estate regulation. The deteriorating relationship between supply and demand in the general glass industry next year will have a negative impact on the industry's profits. Generally speaking, we believe that the downward inflection point of the general glass industry is forming

the development trend of energy-saving glass is good for a long time. In the context of economic transformation, the development space of energy-saving glass is gradually opening up. The strong implementation of policies and demand substitution and upgrading will promote the development of the industry in the medium and long term. We continue to be optimistic about the future development momentum of the Low-E glass industry. The compulsory promotion of policies and the benign development momentum of the demand side are the key logic for us to be optimistic about the industry

industry strategy. With the downward risk of the general glass boom gradually increasing, we take a cautious view of the general glass industry. The future changes in the country's real estate policies may bring periodic opportunities for valuation improvement, which we will prompt in time. However, for the deep processing industry downstream of the ordinary glass industry, we are optimistic about the development of the energy-saving glass industry in the future

relative income varieties. It is recommended that CSG, as the leading enterprise in the domestic Low-E glass industry at present, can be used for food packaging materials and surgery in medical treatment. The original GB8624 (1) 997 version of China has been comprehensively revised. With its leading strength in research and development and marketing, combined with the rapid expansion of production capacity in the next two years, CSG will maximize the high profits brought by the sustained prosperity of the industry. In addition, the new energy business of CSG will become an important performance contribution in the future. Our EPS forecasts for CSG are 0. 588、0。 765 yuan. In addition, as an excellent glass enterprise, Jinjing technology also has the potential to participate in the high-end Low-E glass industry on a large scale, and may become the main beneficiary of the development of Low-E glass industry in the future

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