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From the perspective of the global pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging

with the development of economy and technology, the packaging industry has shown great vitality in recent years. Because the main role of drugs is to protect and improve human health, the main role of drug packaging is to ensure the safety, effectiveness and stability of drugs for a long time under various conditions, while the role of promotion is secondary to drug packaging. In recent years, due to technological progress, human attention to health and enhanced awareness of environmental protection, drug packaging has developed towards a safer, more comprehensive and pollution-free direction

I. new trends in world drug packaging

statistics show that the packaging materials of drugs/cosmetics/chemicals are following the package of food packaging. Mainstream of decoration industry. Although drugs are not as eye-catching as food packaging, they are still the focus of current development. One reason is that some large chemical complex enterprises are developing towards diversification, which is inevitable and necessary

drugs have always been prohibited from advertising, but advertisements for high-end cosmetics and drugs that are convenient to purchase can be seen in various magazines, attracting trend following readers. Therefore, packaging has become the focus of development, and its packaging materials are also diversified

the main function of drugs is to improve human health. Its packaging should focus on safety. Therefore, doctors also have the right to instruct how to package drugs

nowadays, more and more drug manufacturers comply with the trend of environmental protection and introduce small packages, such as transparent tablet blisters made of polypropylene to replace PVC

II. From the standpoint of the world's new pharmaceutical packaging products, folding boxes require cost reduction, such as reducing the average surface weight by 20%, selecting cheaper cardboard, using some recyclable raw materials plus natural white raw materials or using some pure raw materials, but they must have the same performance and packaging capacity, such as 350g/m

from the perspective of consumers, they must have confidence in the products they buy and require detailed product descriptions to be printed on the packaging

labels on glass

people want to print all materials on the basic packaging glass, and the labels used are the same as the packaging inserts. Pull the label of the automatic adhesive towel from one corner, and you can see the folding booklet. Fold it again to restore its original state and paste it on the glass. In addition, such labels can be applied to other products, such as cosmetics, food, batteries and promotional products

according to the who plan, the effective date printed on the product should be easy to see. Therefore, some labels will change color with the extension of storage time. Any illiterate person around the world can also know the availability of drugs by this instruction. Packaging contractors today's packers have some equipment that drug companies envy. Some drug manufacturers cannot package certain products because they do not have a drug production line that meets the requirements of drug laws, and they are unwilling to spend money on expensive automation equipment that is only suitable for mass production. Results when drug manufacturers launched small series of products and new drugs, they would turn to the packaging contractor for help

III. Development Trend of pharmaceutical packaging in China Environmental Regulation packaging the so-called environmental regulation packaging is to change the gas state in the packaging and ensure the quality of packaged products for a long time. Such as the packaging of sealing desiccant (oxygen getter), air replacement packaging, etc

these packages can usually better protect drugs and extend the shelf life of drugs

desiccants and oxygen getters used in environmental regulation packaging are used according to the physical properties of drugs, generally including calcium chloride, silica gel, etc. these substances will not react with drugs to make drugs ineffective or modified. Some new materials are also being used for environmental conditioning packaging

less metering packaging

in order to facilitate dispensing, packaging is required to have the function of accurate metering, that is, less metering packaging. Less metering packaging includes packaging materials with metering function (such as less metering hose in hose) and one-time dosage packaging. The latter is a common less metering packaging. For example, the development of composite materials and sterilization packaging technology can effectively ensure the accuracy of one-time dosage packaging of liquid and solid agents. One-time dosage packaging is that drug manufacturers package drugs according to the dosage of conventional prescriptions before leaving the factory, and sell them to consumers with the original packaging. In the United States, one-time dosage packaging was popularized in 1990, and 55% of drugs in Britain now use one-time dosage packaging

recently, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Third Medical University began to use a new method of cow medicine preparation. The traditional Chinese medicine formula does not rely on a handful of grasp, but the pharmacist selects small bags of medicine for patients on the shelves like a supermarket. They visited major pharmacies and traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers in the city. Finally, with the support of Luwan District traditional Chinese medicine decoction factory and other units, they took the lead in implementing the small package formula of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai. The traditional Chinese medicine room is equipped with more than 800 small packages of Chinese herbal medicine according to different specifications, which can basically meet the needs of patients. This new preparation method not only has accurate dose and reduced pollution opportunities, but also greatly accelerates the formulation speed and shortens the waiting time of patients. At the same time, it also comes with a detailed description of decocting medicine, which is deeply welcomed by patients. The packaging materials used for environmental protection packaging usually need to be treated as waste and can not pollute the environment. Especially after the IS014000 standard comes into effect, the development of environmental protection packaging has become a necessary work. The pollution from drug packaging is mainly white pollution with virus. In dealing with drug packaging, disinfection is essential to prevent the continuous spread of the virus that may be carried by objects in contact with patients. Only in this way can drugs really play a role in protecting human health. For white pollution, the new degradable packaging materials developed now have solved some problems, but for drugs, it is necessary to replace the packaging materials and carry out stability experiments for at least three years. It can be seen that this work still has a long way to go. In recent years, CIS has developed rapidly in China, and the whole country attaches importance to packaging serialization. With the implementation of pharmaceutical OTC in China, the serialization of pharmaceutical packaging and decoration will also expand its capabilities

serialization of drug packaging means that drugs produced by the same manufacturer adopt a unified picture pattern, changing colors, text, composition position of patterns, artistic processing methods, etc., giving people a sense of coordination and unity, so as to form a unique style, which is easy for consumers to identify and enhance the publicity effect. For example, the products of Nanjing Jiangpu pharmaceutical factory, erythromycin suppository, chuanliping suppository and indomethacin suppository, adopt the same layout and pattern, and distinguish different products through color changes, which is simple and clear

for another example, Xi'an Janssen's products xismin, morpholine, Yimengting, Sibeline and Anle soil adopt the same pattern, pattern and standard color red, but they adopt different product colors such as blue, yellow and green respectively; The seemingly boring molecular structure formula used in the picture is rich in changes due to different products. It more accurately distinguishes different drug varieties, with distinctive characteristics and unique style. It has established a series of images in the eyes of patients and won the market at the same time. On the basis of a unified pattern, small changes will make people feel dull and not lively enough; Great changes are also inevitable. For example, several products of Squibb Company in China and the United States: Ankang, Shierkang and xiaoshierkang. The packaging of these products adopts a unified pattern, and different colors and patterns are used to distinguish different varieties and suitable for people, which is refreshing. Shierkang adopts red gradient and abstract human shape; Xiaoshierkang adopts pop packaging shape, with green gradient and cute cartoon rabbit image, which is lively and vivid, suitable for children; Ankang, a blue gradient, highlights the image of pregnant women and is intuitive. Although the packaging of these varieties changes greatly, they are also harmonious and unified, which is also a development direction of forming a serialized style

in addition, as an important part of drug packaging, words also play an important role in serialization design. Different varieties use the same typeface and the same typesetting layout, which is clear and bright. For example, the packaging of Tylenol cold and Tylenol painkiller tablets of Johnson & Johnson in the United States is a wonderful example

although the serialization of drug packaging has just started in China, and it will take time to form the climate, with its continuous introduction, No. 1. The table tensile testing machine adopts high-precision, full digital speed regulation system and precision reducer, and the same manufacturers have formed their own style of serialization packaging, which is not only conducive to establishing famous brand products, establishing corporate image, but also conducive to improving the competitiveness of products, so as to occupy the market

IV. the reform of drug packaging in China has a long way to go

China's drug packaging has generally experienced three stages since the founding of the people's Republic of China:

the first stage is from the 1950s to the 1960s. The packaging materials are mainly brown glass bottles, straw cartons, straight neck ampoules, etc., which are bulky, unsafe, and inconvenient

the second stage was from the 1970s to the 1980s. Due to the destruction of the cultural revolution, the relevant laws and regulations have been abolished, and there is no registered trademark for drug packaging. This stage is actually a turbulent stage

the third stage is from the 1980s to the present, the registered trademark has been gradually restored, the pharmaceutical administration has been gradually on the right track, and the dosage forms of drugs have increased. In addition to tablets, powders, pills, ointments, water injections, and powder injections, suppositories, oral liquids, aerosols, capsules, towels, generative drugs, chewing tablets, etc. have been developed. Just as heating resins is very necessary for optimizing activities and impregnating preforms, various new packaging came into being. At this stage, aluminum plastic, paper plastic, plastic plastic, electrochemical aluminum, vacuum aluminum coating, laser anti-counterfeiting and other composite materials have been widely used, effectively improving the packaging quality and drug grade. For example, the water needle eliminated the straight neck ampoule and replaced it with the curved neck easy to break ampoule. The composite is widely used in powders, tablets, granules. The improvement of decoration level for drug packaging has narrowed the gap with foreign varieties. After entering the 1990s, the application of computer technology has brought drug packaging design into a new era

at present, there are still the following serious quality problems in China's drug packaging: the packaging is simple and the style is old. Many drug outer packaging uses the paper old face that has been made for decades. The OTC drugs in this kind of packaging are placed on the shelves of supermarkets and are prone to contamination and damage after repeated touch and overturn by consumers. Others are packed with aluminum caps or corks. The former is not easy to open, and requires the help of scissors and other sharp tools, such as hormone eye drops produced by a factory is an example; When the latter is opened, the cork bottle stopper will fall into the bottle

the label is ambiguous

the label on some plastic bottles will fall off soon after use and must be re pasted by the user. Some labels also print the batch number on the validity column, and the statement of wearing crowns and hats is misleading. The instructions are difficult to explain. For example, the label of a drug says that people with low education level often take 5mg (one tablet) as 5 tablets of lunar Yin every time, so it is inevitable to cause great disasters. The side effects of some drug instructions are too simple, and the omission of some side effect clauses is easy to cause unnecessary trouble. There have been cases in Shanghai where patients were poisoned by drugs and related to the things that the manufacturer's instructions did not explain. The packaging of Chinese patent medicine is always more rough, especially the problem of Chinese patent medicine. Because the medicine uses straw paper and box paper as the liner, and the impact force is very poor, when

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