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From the drupa 2000 exhibition to see the development of die-cutting machine

from the drupa 2000 exhibition to see the development of die-cutting machine

the drupa 2000 exhibition, which attracts the attention of the global printing industry, has long come to an end, but it has left us a far-reaching impression and thinking. It is not difficult to see the development trend of printing technology and equipment from the latest technologies, processes and equipment of the world's printing industry that need to be exhibited at the exhibition and large-scale experiments (random sampling of production lines). It can be said that it indicates that the era of prepress, printing, post press integration and digitalization is coming

more than 260 manufacturers, including international famous post press processing manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Miller Martini, Kolbus, Wallenberg, Bora, Schneider, boster, etc., exhibited many new high-quality models, which became a highlight of the exhibition

with the development of economy, the improvement of people's lives and the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, people have put forward higher and stricter requirements for the internal quality of goods and the quality of packaging to find sustainable materials to replace the ABS plastic currently used in Lego building blocks. As an important aspect of post press processing, printing surface finishing technology, such as lamination, glazing, die-cutting indentation, concave convex embossing, bronzing, etc., often plays an extremely critical role in the final quality and effect of packaging and fine printing products, which can not only greatly improve the artistic effect of printing products, but also endow printing products with new functions, and naturally become one of the important means of printing value-added and promotion. Therefore, It is more and more popular

sheet fed die-cutting machine

at present, sheet fed printing processing is the most common production mode of packaging cartons, and die-cutting processing plays a vital role in the processing process. With the vigorous development of packaging and printing industry, there is an increasing demand for special high-end die cutting and bronzing equipment

there are three types of sheet fed die-cutting machines: round flattening, flat flattening and round flattening. At present, the flat flattening machine is the most widely used. Flat press die-cutting machine is divided into vertical flat press and horizontal flat press models, and horizontal flat press die-cutting machine is the most important model of die-cutting machine at present. In order to enhance the function of the machine, the model that integrates the two key processes of die cutting and bronzing is very popular, which is the dual-purpose machine of die cutting and bronzing. This drupa exhibition shows both automatic die cutting machine and automatic die cutting bronzing machine, both of which have the most advanced holographic bronzing function today

Bobst group, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a world-famous manufacturer of printing and packaging equipment with a history of 100 years. It is composed of Bobst Co., Ltd. (Bobst

SA), SCHIAVI spa, Peters GmbH, asitrade

AG, Martin and other companies. It also produces paper packaging, corrugated boxes, plastic composite packaging and processing equipment in France, Germany and Italy, and has many branches around the world, responsible for sales and after-sales services. As the leader of the die-cutting market, boster Co., Ltd. produces autoplaten die-cutting machine, which can perform die-cutting, indentation and embossing on paper, paperboard and corrugated paper, For high-end packaging (hereinafter referred to as ELG company) and idasso high tech materials Wuhu Co., Ltd (Wuhu printing can also be used for bronzing and hot stamping holograms. So far, nearly 10000 high-quality and high-efficiency die-cutting machines have been used all over the world. Among them, SP

122 - EII die-cutting machine combines the advantages of various die-cutting machines and is a new generation product integrating the world's advanced technology. The roller die-cutting machine developed by Martian company is said to have also been in the international leading position. Boster provides its die-cutting machine users with a special type There are several different choices of standard and high-tech models, which can also be customized according to user needs

at this drupa exhibition, boster company exhibited more than 10 sets of equipment, including automatic die cutting machines, automatic die cutting bronzing machines and production lines composed of automatic die cutting machines. The most eye-catching is sprint

fra106-per automatic die-cutting machine. The lightest paper that can be die-cut is 70/m2, the paperboard can reach 2o00g/m2, the thickness of corrugated paperboard that can be die-cut is 4mm, and the maximum size of die-cut paper is 1060MM × 760mm, minimum size 400mm × 350mm, die cutting pressure up to 260t (2.6MN), the maximum power of the whole machine is 22KW, and the overall dimension of the machine is 10.4m × 6.25m × 2.92M, and the net weight of the machine is 30t. In this machine, the common traditional registration components - front gauge and side gauge - are replaced by photoelectric registration mechanism. In addition, the machine is equipped with two units: waste removal and finished product separation. The die cutting speed has reached a record 12000 pieces per hour. It is the most advanced die cutting and indentation machine in the world today

boster also supplies boster Champlain flexographic printing machine, which can complete online die cutting with flat die cutting indentation machine or circular die cutting machine. The registration control of the whole production process is realized by the register registration system independently designed by boster, so as to ensure the best product quality and the least waste. Boster Champlain web production line can complete printing, die cutting, indentation and other processes at one time, and has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, high output and low cost, especially high die cutting precision and stable machine performance

die cutting equipment online with printing machine

at present, packaging printing accounts for an increasing share in printing. In bread packaging printing, flexo printing and gravure printing are more and more widely used. In flexo printing and 1kg/day graphene oxide gravure printing, reel materials are widely used. Then, die-cutting equipment used together with reel material printing machines (such as flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine, offset printing machine) will become a new hot spot in the development of domestic die-cutting equipment, and internationally, online die-cutting has become a relatively mature technology

depending on the production scale, the supporting die-cutting equipment can be flat pressed or round pressed

at this exhibition, not only boster company exhibited the die-cutting equipment connected with the printing machine. Other companies also exhibited web printing machines with die-cutting equipment

bhs exhibited a folding carton flexographic press with platform or die-cutting device (BHS flex line

vario flexographic press). The latest BHS flexo printing unit can change high-quality flexo printing into gravure printing. The unit conforms to the height of ergonomics, and the version change adjustment is fast. The image can be checked immediately when it is restarted. Its structure has a series of advantages, such as the adoption of "completely gearless transmission" technology. In post press processing, it has glazing unit - export unit with carton breaking station. The machine adopts water-based ink, and UV glazing system can be selected for surface glazing. It also has a platform die-cutting unit with a paper receiving device. The paper tape always enters the die-cutting station with the printed text facing up, and the paper tape does not need to be turned over

many flexographic packaging products can be processed by online die-cutting. Many flexographic and gravure production lines are equipped with online die-cutting units. Vision SMR exhibited by Drent graphic machines is a narrow web offset press, which uses digital transmission technology to integrate nipson varypress T700 digital printing equipment with die-cutting device, folding device, sheet cutting device and Chuanqi paper receiving table into a production line, With this production line, the personalized processing and repeated printing of advertisements can be completed at one time. In addition, Drent also exhibited various new modules, including die-cutting devices with hydraulic systems

gallus, which is famous for manufacturing narrow label printing machines, exhibited the latest generation machine Gallus rcs330, which consists of four UV flexographic printing units and two silk printing units. Modern control and advanced servo technology make UV flexographic printing, rotary silk printing, UV glazing and die cutting from reel to reel integrated and completed continuously and automatically, which greatly improves the production efficiency and is suitable for short version live printing and repeated printing, especially for self-adhesive printing

the PbO all UV printing production line exhibited by Goebel, Germany, has a maximum speed of 45000 sheets per hour. It adopts gravure printing technology, web feeding, seamless printing, and can realize embossing, rolling cutting and bronzing online

the gallus RCS 330 on display at the Heidelberg booth is a shaftless flexographic machine, which is mainly used for printing labels. The printing width is 330mm, and the maximum printing speed is 120m/min. it adopts the combination of flexo printing and rotary screen printing, and can be online polished and rotary touch cut

German W & H company exhibited novoflex cartolinec1 six color folding carton printing machine. Its plate roller and grain roller adopt shaftless driving technology, with a printing width of 1000mm, the thickest cardboard of 500g/m2 can be printed, the printing speed can be 300m/min, and the rotary die-cutting machine can be connected

in recent years, most of the modern flexographic printing and gravure printing production lines imported from abroad have post press processing units for processing paper products. The content of post-processing is extremely rich, ranging from punching, numbering, dragon, folding to die cutting, indentation, etc. it can be seen that foreign flexographic printing and gravure printing packaging prints have been completed continuously from printing to subsequent processing, China's equipment manufacturing industry is far behind in this regard

the current situation, gap and development trend of domestic die-cutting machines

since the reform and opening up, the vigorous development of commodity economy has promoted the great prosperity of China's packaging and printing, making die-cutting indentation machine and die-cutting bronzing dual-purpose machine get excellent development opportunities. From the production of simple vertical semi-automatic flat die-cutting machine, through the introduction, digestion, absorption and continuous improvement of product structure and performance, Today, it has been able to produce various types of die-cutting machines with different degrees of automation, such as flat, round and round, especially the horizontal flat automatic die-cutting machine. Nowadays, die-cutting machine manufacturing enterprises represented by Shanghai Yahua and Tangshan Yuyin have gradually embarked on the road of independent development from surveying and mapping imitation, which has led to the rapid development of domestic die-cutting machines in terms of specifications, varieties and performance, and has become one of the printing machine products with the smallest gap with the technical level of similar international products

tym720 ~ 1050 series full-automatic hand flattening die cutting and bronzing dual-purpose machine developed by Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has a performance close to the international level; The newly developed MW1050

A-II high-speed automatic die cutting machine has good dynamic performance and high die cutting accuracy (± 0.1mm). It is controlled and operated by PLC programmable controller and LCD touch screen, and adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology. The patented technology of blade type rapid waste flushing is adopted for waste cleaning, and the die cutting speed is up to 7500 pieces per hour. Tym780l laser holographic identification hot stamping machine, which has just passed the appraisal, is a special equipment for hot stamping anti-counterfeiting holographic identification. In addition to the functions of ordinary die cutting, indentation and bronzing, it also adds the function of holographic registration hot stamping. The machine adopts PLC to control the conveying length and thickness of holographic film. The LCD intelligent operation display screen centrally inputs data, and then the communication module transmits the data to PLC for processing; The optical fiber sensor composed of optical fiber head and amplifier is used to correctly track the cursor on the holographic film, and the signal is sent to PLC through the amplifier; Tension control: PLC controls the magnetic powder brake to generate braking torque, so that the foil placing roller transmits the aluminum foil with constant tension; The signal processed by PLC is input into the servo motor to control the start, speed change and braking of the motor. This machine can realize 5 groups of holographic foil tape tracking, positioning, registration and hot stamping (3 groups in longitudinal direction,

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