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From Tokyo pack2004 to see Japan's packaging industry

on October 5, Tokyo Big Sight on Tokyo Bay was very lively. The large-scale 2004 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition (Tokyo pack2004) was grandly held in the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, with a display area of more than 60000 square meters and a total of 6 exhibition halls. The exhibition was hosted by the Japan Packaging Technology Association, and 23 other countries or regions also participated in groups in addition to domestic enterprises in Japan. Shanghai Packaging Technology Association organized a 35 person exchange delegation to Japan, and set up its own booth at the Tokyo Packaging Exhibition for the first time. Shanghai International Packaging and printing city and Shanghai Jielong Industrial Co., Ltd. all distributed a large number of materials at the exhibition, which greatly improved the popularity of Shanghai Packaging Association and Shanghai enterprises, expanded overseas influence, and further deepened the cooperation and exchange with Japan's packaging industry. More importantly, through this exhibition, we have a comprehensive understanding of the development status and trends of Japan's packaging industry, which can be used as a reference for the development of Shanghai and China's packaging industry. This exhibition shows the advanced position of Japanese packaging industry in the world, and also reflects the new development of Japanese packaging industry in recent years

the exhibition is distributed in six exhibition halls, mainly including the following six aspects:

1, packaging materials

1): paper, cardboard and cartons: packaging paper, paper products, paper bags, paper cups, liquid packaging paper containers, paper tubes, Metallized paper, recycled paper products, etc

2) corrugated board and corrugated box: all kinds of single and double corrugated board, water-resistant and waterproof corrugated board, color printing corrugated board, cold storage corrugated board, fresh-keeping packaging corrugated board, impact resistant corrugated board, etc

3), plastic materials: gas barrier film, breathable film, absorption film, non absorption film, water retaining, water absorbing, water permeable film, fresh-keeping film, high temperature resistant film, metallized film, composite and coating film, coextrusion film, shrink film, environment-friendly film, all kinds of blow molding, blister, sheet, recycled materials, etc

4), metal packaging, steel cans, aluminum cans, color cans, special cans, other metal cans, etc

5), glass packaging: all kinds of glass containers, recycled glass products

6), bonding and sealing materials: all kinds of tape, binding rope, steel belt, etc.

7) cushioning packaging materials: paper-based cushioning packaging materials, plastic based cushioning packaging materials, on-site foaming materials, etc

8), other packaging materials: non-woven fabrics, dust-proof materials, wood packaging, conductive packaging, antistatic packaging materials

9) related packaging materials: labels, labels, desiccants, antibacterial agents, deoxidizers, inks, adhesives, etc.

2, packaging equipment

1), metering and counting equipment

2), filling and packaging equipment, liquid filling and packaging machine, viscous fluid, filling and packaging machine, powder, particle filling and packaging machine Solid filling and packaging machine, paper container, plastic container filling machine, sterile filling and packaging machine, gas replacement packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, bag packaging and filling machine

3), bag making and filling packaging machine: pillow packaging machine, sealing machine, once this technology is implemented in China, it will produce great social and economic benefits. Self supporting bag packaging machine, tube film packaging machine

4), container forming and filling packaging machine: covering packaging machine, PTP packaging machine, plastic thermoforming packaging machine

5), other packaging machines: folding packaging machine, kink packaging machine, stretch packaging machine, body fitting packaging machine Shrink wrapping machine

6), label and printing machine: label printing machine, shrink label machine, bar code printing machine, price printing machine, heat transfer machine, inkjet printing machine, laser marking machine, etc.

7), small box filling machine: box filling machine, laminating machine, bag dispensing machine, etc.

8) sealing and sealing machine: sealing machine, capping machine, pasting machine, binding machine, shearing machine, capping machine

9) binding machine, bottle washing machine, testing and inspection equipment

3 Packaging material processing machinery

1), printing machine: gravure printing machine, flexographic printing machine, silk screen printing machine

2), plastic processing machinery: thermoforming and plastic processing machine

3), bag making machine: plastic and other bag making machines

4), box making machine: carton forming machine, corrugated box forming machine

5), other equipment: slitting machine, cutting machine, padding machine, etc.

4, food processing machinery

1), pre-processing equipment: mixing machine Kneading machine, pelletizer, slicer, etc.

2), bread and candy manufacturing machine: soymilk machine, rice cake machine, chocolate equipment, candy equipment

3), meat processing equipment: ham processing equipment, hamburger processing machine

4), food processing related equipment: filter, dehydrator, concentration device, sterilization equipment, etc.

5, packaging related equipment and environment related equipment

1), detection equipment: drop tester Vibration detection, impact detection, pinhole detection, metal detection, X-ray foreign matter detector, etc.

2), sorter: weight sorter, color sorter, shape sorter

3), other equipment: laser, electrostatic elimination device, arrangement, assembly, supply device, cleaning machine, blower

4), packaging technology: packaging cad/cam, packaging design software

5) Packaging waste collection and treatment: collection and processing equipment, cans and bottles collection equipment

6) processing equipment: shredding, extension, conveying equipment

7), recycling equipment: plastic recycling equipment, EPS processing equipment

6, logistics equipment: truck, automatic truck, trailer, wheel feet, vertical truck, grab, pallet, transfer container, stacker, destacker, elevator, desktop elevator

view the whole exhibition, The characteristics of the current development of Japan's packaging industry can be summarized as follows:

first, packaging materials

among packaging materials, paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and plastic packaging still occupy a dominant position. First, the packaging surface of paper is further expanded, especially the vigorous development of functional packaging paper containers, with Prince paper and Prince special paper. Companies represented by wutiao paper making, xinrishi, Yupo, tamayakk, Dashi industry, etc. have launched paper cups, paper containers, water-resistant corrugated cardboard, freeze-resistant cardboard, fresh-keeping cardboard, impact resistant cardboard, etc. with various functions, which greatly expand and deepen the use of paper and cardboard packaging. Second, plastic packaging has been comprehensively transformed into functionality. The plastic film materials on display this time fully reflect this point, such as various gas barrier, breathable films, water retaining, water absorbing, water permeable films, high temperature resistant films, modified atmosphere packaging films, fresh-keeping packaging films, conductive packaging, antistatic packaging, etc. plastic packaging materials are moving towards the stage of directional design according to the needs of the contents. We have entered an era of special needs and personalization. Third, non-woven fabrics as packaging materials came into the front desk. This time, 11 non-woven fabric enterprises appeared at the exhibition, such as askvra, Fuso, Kanae, Shinri stone, dual industries, Maruyama textile industry, etc. Fourth, the packaging materials have changed the fixed face of bright, smooth plastic film, or give people a soft, soft, paper feeling, or give people a modern sense of metallization, laser, and illusion. Some of these textures are obtained through the modification of materials, and some are obtained by pressing rollers in different processing processes. Fifthly, fully degradable materials produced from natural plant raw materials are on the market. The most typical is the widespread use of pal, including pal vest bags, packaging films, and PAL shrink films, which have been fully used as the packaging of Panasonic Oxyride dry batteries

II. Packaging products

the whole trend of packaging products is to develop in the direction of refinement, refinement and refinement. From the shape, appearance, texture and function of products, we can fully realize this from hundreds of kinds of carrying ropes and dozens of zippers, and from the details such as easy placement and easy opening of tear holes. Everything considers the design of packaging from the aspects of humanization, convenience and safety

at the exhibition, it can be found that the crystal clear and colorful pet box is widely used in cosmetics and other packaging. A new milk packaging box is lined with coextrusion film, and the outlet is specially designed, which is easy to dump, not easy to spill, and can also be re sealed. All kinds of tea beverage packaging PET bottles are specially designed to form a gap between the PS shrink film and the bottle body, which is conducive to maintaining the beverage temperature and playing the role of heat insulation. The three-dimensional packaging bag has changed from a boat bottom that can provide excellent performance characteristics for non-woven fabrics produced by melt blown fiber to a square bottom. There is still a large gap between the technical strength of the high-end graphite industry and that of foreign countries, so it can stand firm, and it is endowed with greater capacity. All kinds of bags in boxes and barrels are widely used, which saves resources and achieves aseptic packaging. At the exhibition, we can also see that the ancient bamboo and wood packaging is rejuvenated. The remoulded bamboo and wood packaging products have changed the old impression of being silly, big, thick and stupid in our concept, and become high-end products in packaging with the advantages of natural materials, artistic design and fine processing

III. packaging machinery

packaging machinery is one of the highlights of this exhibition. The packaging machinery on display has a complete range of functions and covers a wide range, including metrological filling, container molding and filling, label making, sealing, sealing, bag making, box making, food processing machinery, testing and inspection, waste disposal, logistics equipment, etc. The first feature is that the equipment is highly specialized and the division of labor is meticulous, which adapts to the specialization, differentiation and personalized development of packaging, and meets the needs of multi variety and small batch production. The second feature is that the baling machinery is fully automated, unmanned and convenient, which adapts to the new trend of logistics development, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and standardizes baling operations. The third feature is that the packaging equipment adapts to the development of packaging materials. All kinds of three-dimensional bag packaging machines are widely used. All kinds of new environmental protection materials, non-woven materials and special shape packaging bags have corresponding packaging machinery. The fourth feature is that the supermarket fresh products are completely packaged in a one-stop process, with automation and standardization in the sorting, cleaning, metering, bagging, sealing and labeling of fruits and vegetables. The packaging forms are also diversified, including winding, vacuum, shrinkage, capping, etc

feature 5 is the continuous progress of equipment technology. It clearly reflects the lack of innovation of domestic packaging equipment and the disadvantages of simple imitation. For example, compared with the equipment at the Shanghai propack exhibition, gaobaoku label printing machine has made new improvements in just a few months. Totani showed its new square bottom gas bag making machine at the exhibition, which has fast bag making speed and high precision. It can be seen that the technological progress of these excellent enterprises is the result of long-term accumulation. Combine market, research and development, and technical reserves, and constantly push through the old and bring forth the new at the right time. This is also the gap between domestic equipment manufacturers

IV. social environment of enterprises

in the face of environmental crises such as excessive energy consumption, acid rain, ozone layer destruction and greenhouse effect, many enterprises have consciously formulated green action plans to shoulder their social responsibilities. The green plan is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Develop green products and use less or no chemicals that are harmful to the environment

2. Recycle products, establish a recycling system and improve the recycling rate

3. Clean production, improve efficiency, reduce the use of energy and raw materials, make rational use of water resources, and reduce

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