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From the "knowledgeable" Enterprise Cloud deployment mode, we can see the road of digital transformation of Shanghai Railway Bureau

today, digital transformation has become a disruptive force, and many industries have been coerced, either actively or passively, to meet the arrival of this critical singularity, including the railway industry

especially with the gradual application of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, IOT and other new generation technical means, the evolution and innovation of these new technologies further optimized the existing business processes of the railway industry, which also brought changes to the entire operation mode, and made the whole railway industry face unprecedented challenges and opportunities

in this context, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Railway Bureau) successfully completed the enterprise cloud through in-depth cooperation with Huawei, which not only brought its key infrastructure construction to a new level, but also laid a key foundation for the future digital transformation of Shanghai Railway Bureau

more importantly, as the first cloud among China's 18 railway bureaus, Shanghai Railway Bureau's bold exploration and innovation in the field of enterprise cloud has also set a successful example and benchmark for other railway bureaus' future digital transformation, which is undoubtedly of great and far-reaching significance

the traditional structure needs to be transformed.

China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is one of the 18 bureaus with a stronger system of large railway transportation enterprises managed by China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River along the southeast coast. Its jurisdiction and routes are mainly distributed in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other regions. The industrial and agricultural production in the region is developed, the domestic and foreign trade is booming, the population is dense, and the tourism resources are rich, It is the railway bureau with the busiest passenger and freight transportation in China

with the acceleration of digital transformation, Shanghai Railway Administration found that the original data center infrastructure was difficult to meet the needs of business. The challenges were mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

first, from the perspective of infrastructure, Shanghai railway administration used to build its own data center, and the business system was also deployed on traditional physical servers. The problems brought by this were, Hardware resources cannot achieve linear expansion with the growth of business, and often cannot respond effectively to sudden business needs

second, from the perspective of data application, the existing business systems of Shanghai Railway Administration are relatively independent, and data sharing is difficult. The information systems built by various departments are data islands, and the overall business system lacks an effective data sharing platform, which greatly affects the improvement of business efficiency

third, from the perspective of system operation and maintenance, in the past, the data center resources of Shanghai Railway Bureau were scattered, and there were many hardware manufacturers, so the system that needed to be managed and maintained was relatively complex. If the traditional manual method was still adopted, it would cause a great cost burden to the company. Therefore, it also needed Shanghai Railway Bureau to make long-term arrangements and considerations to realize system management through automated and intelligent operation and maintenance system

not only that, now Shanghai Railway Bureau has formed a financial management and fund settlement system and railway transportation statistics system covering the Yangtze River Delta region, which basically covers all links such as transportation organization, passenger and freight marketing, operation and management. Nearly 1000 servers have been used in various group and company level systems alone, and its core computer room has been burdened with embarrassment. The transformation and upgrading of the core system is imperative

it can be seen that with the promotion of digital transformation, Shanghai Railway Bureau not only needs to make the core infrastructure that will flourish in data 1 more flexible, so as to facilitate the introduction of new businesses faster and increase new competitiveness; At the same time, we also need to make the infrastructure more stable to maximize business continuity. Therefore, only through the enterprise on the cloud, through the arrival of the cloud, the automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature business of the samples, the cloud management, and the high scalability of the cloud, can the digital transformation journey of Shanghai Railway Bureau achieve new breakthroughs and innovations

join hands to understand pedestrians, and enterprises explore and innovate in the cloud

based on this, Shanghai Railway Administration decided to join hands with Huawei to realize the journey to the cloud. In this process, Huawei has not only built a safe and reliable cloud infrastructure and cloud business platform for Shanghai railway, but also laid a solid foundation for its future digital transformation

specifically, Huawei helped Shanghai Railway Bureau sort out the existing data center infrastructure, and in-depth combined with the different professional characteristics of its core business, determined the technical route of cloud platform and the new deployment mode of enterprise cloud. Enterprise cloud not only has the advantage of large expansion flexibility, but also changes the problem of long information system development cycle in the past, and realizes the on-demand allocation and rapid configuration of resources, To meet different application needs, significantly improve the efficiency of information resource acquisition and shorten the project construction cycle

it is understood that the construction of Shanghai Railway Bureau's enterprise cloud began in 2019. The first phase of the project has built a scale of 100 virtual machines. With the acceleration of the integration of application systems, which has driven the strong demand for cloud resources, Shanghai Railway Bureau will add 800 virtual machines to the second phase of the enterprise cloud project. In the next three years, by building a cloud platform, Shanghai Railway Bureau will also implement projects such as integrated management system cloud, Realize the sharing of digital dividends, boost the construction of Shanghai railway administration information system and the transformation of management mode, and provide a solid cloud base for the overall application of big data

in fact, the construction of enterprise cloud is more suitable for the current actual needs of Shanghai Railway Administration, both in terms of flexibility and data security, because the services and applications carried on the enterprise cloud platform are more intensive and efficient, which can not only reduce the number of physical servers, but also better reduce the overall TCO use cost

according to the data, if Shanghai Railway Bureau calculates according to the resource demand of adding 50 servers every year, it can save more than 1 million yuan of equipment investment and about 700000 yuan of operation cost every year. At the same time, it can save the room space of six cabinets and significantly reduce the construction cost of information platform. In addition, the enterprise cloud built by Shanghai Railway Bureau can not only improve the utilization efficiency of servers, networks, storage and other equipment, but also greatly improve the integrated operation and maintenance management ability of information systems through highly integrated information equipment. It can not only facilitate centralized monitoring and management, but also effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs and maximize the guarantee ability of key infrastructure

similarly, today, the integration of cloud, big data, AI, etc. is accelerating. The digital transformation of enterprises should not only realize the simple cloud process, but also need to flexibly call various applications, data and algorithm capabilities in the whole link, so as to truly realize the intelligent transformation of enterprises

in this regard, the new Huawei cloud stack hybrid Cloud Architecture launched in May this year can also solve the problem of Cloud Architecture consistency. In the future, whether the enterprise's data center is placed in the computer room or in the cloud environment, it will be able to enjoy cloud services that are consistent with the cloud and local deployment experience

therefore, for Shanghai Railway Bureau, in the future, relying on the platform and architecture of Huawei cloud stack, with the help of big data, EI and other service capabilities on the cloud, it can also centralize the public capabilities of various professional systems, conduct unified calculation, training and analysis, and serve various business systems. In the long run, the results of training can also be used as asset precipitation for other professional systems; Similarly, using the capabilities provided by Huawei's Roma platform on the cloud can also solve the problem of data exchange between systems, and finally release the technical dividends brought by data innovation

it is not difficult to see that through all-round cooperation with Huawei, Shanghai Railway Bureau has realized the transformation and upgrading of enterprises on the cloud, which not only calmly resolved the challenges brought by the continuous growth of business, but also greatly improved the company's informatization and digital management level, and truly realized the growth and advancement of the company's digital transformation

three re values behind cloud transformation

now, Shanghai railway administration is making great strides towards the cloud. It can be said that Shanghai railway administration is transforming the traditional data center infrastructure through the innovative cloud deployment mode of enterprise cloud, which not only drives the innovation of technology application, but also accelerates the transformation of development momentum, and explores a digital transformation road of low investment, high output, intensive energy conservation, Undoubtedly, it also provides more reference and new value for other road bureaus in the future

first, digital transformation is no longer an option, but the only way for many enterprises to lead to the future. However, most enterprises also have a lot of confusion and difficulties in the choice and deployment of how to realize digital transformation

for example, in the process of digital transformation, it is the general trend for enterprises to go to the cloud, but enterprises should also choose their own cloud platforms and cloud services according to their own conditions. The way that Shanghai Railway Bureau realizes comprehensive cloud deployment through the enterprise cloud built by Huawei is more in line with the cloud deployment needs of most railway enterprises. This method of adapting to local conditions, Obviously, it can reduce and reduce the risks that the company may encounter in the future digital transformation

second, in its in-depth cooperation with Shanghai Railway Administration, Huawei has always adhered to the step-by-step cloud approach to help enterprises complete their digital transformation, and this point-to-face innovation is also of great reference significance for many railway enterprises that are still facing the same dilemma in the future

in particular, based on Huawei's deep understanding of customer needs and its strong technological innovation capabilities, its cloud platform and cloud services are leading and stable. Therefore, with the help of Huawei, more railway enterprises can also copy the implementation practice of Shanghai Railway Administration's enterprise cloud, so that they can cross the gap between traditional enterprises on the cloud and complete the digital transformation faster

third, while helping Shanghai Railway Bureau realize the enterprise cloud innovation deployment mode, Huawei can also further play a greater value in enabling applications, enabling data, accelerating the implementation of AI, etc. by further providing railway enterprises with complete cloud digital intelligence integration services, it will further accelerate the intelligent innovation and upgrading of railway enterprises. These differentiated cloud services for future upgrading, In the process of digital transformation of railway enterprises, Huawei has shown its value not only in the present, but also in the future

in August this year, China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. issued the "outline of the advanced planning for a powerful railway in a new era of transportation", which clearly stated that by 2035, the independent innovation ability of the railway and the modernization level of the industrial chain will be comprehensively improved, the railway scientific and technological innovation system will be sound and perfect, the intelligent high-speed railway will be built first, and the realization of the intelligent railway will be accelerated

from this perspective, the in-depth cooperation between Shanghai Railway Administration and Huawei has completed the implementation of its own digital transformation, which proves that with the help of the new platform and new services of enterprise cloud, and the use of new ways and means of digitization, not only can Yunnan Xingze industry create new ways and new paths of digital transformation suitable for its own characteristics, but also can further make it brand new in the process of moving towards smart railway in the future

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