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From the trend of dairy products in 2006, the development of dairy packaging

with the gradual rise of temperature, the dairy industry has entered the peak sales season. A new round of dairy sales war will also be imminent. According to the Convention, the leading enterprises in the dairy industry will launch new main products every year, which will become an important growth point of sales and profits this year, and then other dairy enterprises will follow suit and launch similar products. It can be said that this practice leads the dairy industry. At the same time, AMI recently released a report saying that the new trend also determines the new layout of the dairy packaging industry to a certain extent

pure milk, a classic product in the dairy industry

traditional milk includes fresh-keeping milk and UHT milk. These varieties still play an irreplaceable role in dairy products. The most important traditional packaging forms include Tetra Pak, Tetra Pak pillows, fresh house and Baili bags. The use of these packaging will continue to rise steadily this year

hdpe bottle (barrel) packaging has been gradually recognized by consumers. Shrink film or adhesive label can be used outside the bottle, which greatly improves the amount of adhesive and shrink film in dairy packaging, and new environmentally friendly packaging materials ops and pet also begin to enter the market

the oldest form of glass bottle packaging still exists, but it is gradually replaced by paper cup packaging. Bright Dairy was the first to use paper cups, and then Weiquan also launched its own yogurt paper cups. These two kinds of paper cup packaging were immediately accepted by the market. This year, many dairy companies have launched the same cup-shaped products. Although the international paper industry has been shouting that it has a patent for the bright fresh cup, it has not been able to prevent other domestic paper cup enterprises from entering the fresh cup

with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, Aklin packaging began to be applied in fresh milk and yogurt, and Sanlu dairy was the first one to be applied. Due to equipment matching and other factors, the development of this packaging is still uncertain, and it is estimated that the consumption growth this year will not be too large

Baili bag is no longer a three-layer coextrusion film. Enterprises have made great efforts to improve the shelf life of products and prevent odor. Five layer coextrusion, aluminizing film, PVDC coating and other processes have been used in the production of Baili bag

yogurt, the main source of profits in the dairy industry

in recent years, the production and sales of yogurt in China have increased at an average annual rate of 30%. Many enterprises have shifted their development focus to yogurt: on January 8, 2006, Mengniu and Wuhan youzhiyou health Dairy Co., Ltd., the largest dairy enterprise in Hubei Province, established a joint venture to produce all kinds of yogurt; Yili will also vigorously enter the yogurt Market in 2006. Last August, Yili signed a contract with vilio, Finland's largest food company, to obtain the exclusive right to use the world's most famous probiotic LGG in China in the next five years. In April this year, Yili LGG yogurt, which was unveiled at the Boao Forum, was even more favored by the majority of participants

at present, there are more than ten kinds of packaging forms of yogurt, including fresh house, fresh cup, HDPE bottle (barrel), etc., but plastic cup is still the mainstream packaging of yogurt packaging, which will transfer these digital quantities to computers through specific interface circuits this year, such as Mengniu's twin cup yogurt, Yili, Sanyuan and other materials with good ductility, such as quadruple cup and six cup yogurt. In order to facilitate consumers to buy these lianbei products, bundled packaging made of cartons and plastic films will continue to be popular. At the same time, the PVC shrink film of the cup holder will be replaced by POF

in the past two years, the growth rate of fruit yogurt and other categories has reached more than 40%. After Guangming dairy successfully used its unique PS cup to successfully market large fruit yogurt, Mengniu adopted round HDPE cup, Yili and Sanyuan adopted triangular PS cup to pack large fruit, and then domestic dairy factories followed suit. At the beginning of this year, Mengniu successfully launched fruit yogurt with Tetra Pak crown, which has become another competitive point in the dairy market this year

another profit growth product in the dairy industry - milk powder

the successive years of price war has led to thinner and thinner profits in the traditional normal temperature milk market. The price competition among several giants has reached a white hot level. The milk powder field has undoubtedly become a breakthrough in the price competition in the normal temperature milk market of dairy enterprises, from the original "bigger" to "bigger" and "stronger". First, Mengniu teamed up with Denmark's ala fouz company to enter the high-end infant milk powder market, and then Yili Group invested 170million yuan to build a high-end infant milk powder production base with a production capacity of more than 15000 tons

at present, the common milk powder packaging in the market is mainly tin cans and PE composite bags. Although the membrane structure of composite bags has changed a lot, the most basic packaging form has not changed much. Since Wyeth used cartons to pack milk powder, many domestic enterprises have also launched their own cartons of hardbound milk powder. This kind of cartons packaging can avoid more contact between the mouth of the bagged milk powder and the hands of consumers and is more hygienic. In addition, the boxed milk powder is composed of high barrier multi-layer materials, which can play a better role in protecting the products. Compared with tin cans, cartons have great cost advantages. This seems to be the only highlight of milk powder packaging this year

lactic acid bacteria drinks in the post "super girl" period

lactic acid bacteria drinks have long been on the market, but they have not been as popular as in 2005. This is the advertising effect brought by super girls. So lactic acid bacteria drinks suddenly became popular, and the more famous ones are "excellent sour milk", "sour milk" and so on. It is estimated that the output of lactic acid bacteria beverages this year will exceed that of last year. In 2005, the packaging form of lactic acid bacteria beverage was Tetra Pak brick, which was relatively simple. After a year of brewing, lactic acid bacteria drinks of various brands have been fully launched in the market this year, and new packaging forms have also emerged, including Tetra Pak pillows, secondary sterilization bottles, bang bang acid, Tetra Pak crown, plastic cups (including PS cups, PP cups), Baili bags and other forms

finally, there is a kind of packaging to be introduced separately, that is, carton packaging. This year, we will see a new processing form of cartons used in the dairy industry, that is, flexo preprint. Compared with gravure preprint, flexo preprint has the advantages of lower cost and convenient revision. At present, Tianjin Yannan carton factory has introduced a production line, and we believe that we will soon see flexible preprinted milk corrugated cartons

the competition in dairy industry is no longer limited to the competition of products, but needs to constantly update products. This change in market demand has promoted the rapid follow-up of packaging, and the future dairy packaging market is bound to show a situation of "a hundred schools of thought contend and a hundred flowers bloom"

information source: packaging materials and containers

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