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From the perspective of AI, "Tencent's dream"

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"I hope to give the company some unique value." Tencent's chief exploration officer Dawei recently received an exclusive interview with 36 krypton, revealing some of his investments and ideas in the United States on behalf of Tencent. Dawei was the investment representative of mirad International Holding Group (MIH) in the early stage, and led the group's capital injection into Tencent in 2000. Tencent is now an Internet giant in China and even the world, which also makes Dawei's original investment the most successful investment case of his old company so far

in the past five years, Dawei and his Tencent exploration team have helped Tencent make hundreds of investments overseas. Most of these investments are not related to Tencent's own existing businesses, such as start-ups related to space travel, water resources and air quality. "We want to fundamentally save our earth, which is what Tencent is doing." What Dawei talks about most now is how to use artificial intelligence technology to save the earth, which may also reflect the "Tencent dream"

the following is the original text of 36 krypton's exclusive interview with Dawei, chief exploration officer of Tencent:

an exhausted future soldier woke up on the melted glacier, when he found that the earth in front of him was devastated after war and heavy industrial pollution. In the face of the terrifying typhoon and tsunami brought about by the melting of glaciers and the rupture of the ozone layer, he issued a hoarse roar. After some treatment, the soldier finally broke out beyond imagination to turn back time and began to prevent these tragedies. The use of plastic bags is large. This is the picture depicted in a musical short film called "escape from the labyrinth". The actor of the future soldier and the singer of this Gothic Heavy Metal rock music are called David Wallerstein, and his other identity is the chief exploration officer of Tencent group

obviously, the second identity makes him more vulnerable to attention and pursuit. Wallerstein, 44, was an early investment representative of mirad International Holdings Group (MIH) and led the group's capital injection into Tencent in 2000. A year later, he joined Tencent, which had only 45 employees at that time. For this reason, he also gave himself a Chinese name called "Dawei", that is, the network has great potential. As we all know, Tencent has now become an Internet giant and established an empire in the fields of video games and social networking. Its market value once exceeded $500billion, becoming the sixth largest company in the world. This also makes Dawei's original investment the most successful investment case of his old employer so far

"I hope to give the company some unique value." Dawei told 36 krypton in Chinese that over the past 18 years, he has been trying to bring information and trends outside China to Tencent's decision-makers, especially the people in Silicon Valley. In the past five years, Dawei has begun to lead Tencent's overseas investment projects as chief exploration officer. For example, the electric flying automobile company (Lilium aviation), grail, which uses genetic sequencing for early cancer screening, and phytoch Ltd, which can help farmers calculate the time nodes for watering crops. His highly unusual position reflects his mission: to discover so-called exploratory investments that can yield greater returns in the future. He also called himself "the person who seeks the border for Tencent"

in 2016, Dawei mentioned in a speech that Tencent's mission in the next ten years is to "improve the living conditions of the whole mankind with technology". Many of Tencent's previous products were designed to satisfy the human brain, such as information, entertainment, and social networking. "What we need to consider next is how to make human beings live healthier and happier, not only in a healthier body, but also in a healthier ecosystem, including water, air, food, climate and planet." He said

since then, Dawei has made a speech in China every year. At the 2018 Tencent we conference, he talked most about how to use artificial intelligence technology to save the earth. Just like the fear and worry described in his music album, Dawei's sense of urgency is also increasing year by year. After playing a video of last year's California forest fire, he said, "this can't be done step by step. You must realize that you are sitting in the car and watching the surrounding hills burning. Sometimes ignoring everything and continuing to drive will make you feel safer. But when you can't ignore it, it means that it has reached the point where you can't stand idly by."

Dawei is at least practicing. He said he was a firm environmentalist. Once he went out, he would take a special small kettle with a filter with him, because "if you want to drink bottled water outside, a person will consume 6 bottles of plastic every day when twists and turns high hardness or low alloy steel bars". He is also a vegetarian who clicks the "TXT format save" or "RTF format save" button, because a large number of meat supplies have led to the accelerated extinction and simplification of species on the earth. During the interview, Dawei constantly reminded us: "if everyone can eat half of the meat less, it can reduce the damage to the earth."

Dawei's office is located in California, USA, where he also has his own music studio. The above-mentioned "escape from the labyrinth" was created and recorded here. He told 36 krypton, "business makes people realistic, but art will make you brave."

the following is a compilation of the content of the 36 krypton interview:

36 krypton: almost every high-tech company says it is doing some cutting-edge exploration work, but it seems that only Tencent has specially set up such a position as chief exploration officer. Everyone is curious, what kind of job is this

Dawei: my cooperation with Tencent and pony began in 2000. In 2001, I became a member of the general office. At that time, there were only 45 people in the company. As a person who knows more about overseas markets, I like to bring new technologies and new ideas to the general office for discussion

since about five years ago, people have been talking about a new technology every year and trying to catch it. Countries or companies have also begun to compete with each other. I begin to think that this is of little significance. We need to change the way we work and drive from the perspective of problems. What is the biggest challenge of the earth

after starting as CXO, I am more concerned about the risks that may be faced behind the emergence of a new technology. For example, when AI is combined with agriculture, will it pollute and destroy the earth, and what are the possible consequences

last year, I went to the United Nations twice to speak, constantly communicating with experts all over the world to understand where the biggest challenge of the earth is. We will take this as the basis for judging projects and technologies, not just making money

36 krypton: Tencent HR has to face at least one problem. How to formulate KPIs for you

Dawei: I don't have KPIs. It will take a long time for me to see the progress of these investments. You should be patient and don't want to get a result quickly

for example, we invested in a company to solve cancer. The standard to measure this project is whether it can really work and save lives, which is obviously more important than making money. In fact, many of the work of my team and I can't be measured by financial return, but from the perspective of social significance, we do create value

36 krypton: as a member of Tencent's management and decision-making level, how do you affect the company's decision-making? Or more specifically, how does it affect pony

Dawei: Tencent is already a big company today. We are unlikely to affect everyone's specific work, but every type of work can reflect Tencent's sense of purpose. For example, for game developers, I hope they care about users and give users a healthy entertainment experience

pony and I have known each other for 18 years. In fact, the people in the general office have worked together for a long time. We are really like brothers rather than ordinary colleagues. Most people need professional relationships in a company, but I think relationships like brothers and sisters also have their value

for everything in the company, you are sharing these experiences, and the way of communication becomes like a family member. You may be able to understand each other's thoughts through your eyes. This friendly core way of communication and work forms a good environment and makes people feel belonging

36 krypton: How did you establish a friendship with pony? Share a story or two with us

Dawei: we went to Malaysia for a meeting in 2017. When we arrived at the hotel and found the scenery outside was beautiful, pony would call me to run together. He also likes mountain climbing and hiking. Two years ago, we ran 80 kilometers in the Gobi. In these years, we climbed many mountains in California and Hong Kong together. A lot of communication and ideas are exchanged in sports

36 krypton: Tencent's overseas investment projects in recent years cover many industries and fields. You mentioned at the we conference that you are exploring the boundaries for Tencent. Now where is your investment boundary

Dawei: I will think about the biggest problem of the earth, and then look for a good solution from which company. For example, we invested in a company called Lilium aviation (a German electric aircraft manufacturing company) last year. In fact, we have not made aircraft investment. Do you want to do it

everyone who knows Tencent knows that we decide whether to enter a field based on user value. Assuming that electric aircraft can be popularized, there is no doubt that it will solve many problems such as transportation, which is beneficial to both developing and developed countries. In fact, there is no secret, but most people are unwilling to try

Tencent and my team are willing to learn. Although we are not experts in these areas, we are learning, exploring and implementing

36 krypton: if you use one word or one sentence to describe your personal investment logic, what will it be

Dawei: save the world, save the earth. save people now,fast。 Everyone agrees that the earth's environment is deteriorating, but everyone feels that there is still infinite time. I hope that companies like Tencent can quickly play a role in encouraging more people to participate in this field

36 krypton: there are such voices in the domestic media that Tencent has become an investment company. Have you heard similar voices? What is the biggest challenge in your business line

Dawei: before 2009, many media reported that all products were made by Tencent, which was unwilling to cooperate with external companies. At that time, in order to build an open platform, we didn't have to do everything by ourselves. We could cooperate with third parties and invest. This is a good way to build a larger ecosystem, so that more companies can find ways to use some of our resources and have more exchanges

one of the challenges we face is how to constantly use technology to surprise our users. Tencent is a little too low-key in this regard. Because you are too low-key, the outside world will not know why you are investing and what good and new technologies you have

I think what we do is really good, but we need to better promote it, create surprises for users, and let them recognize what we are doing,

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