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The hot image drone found the 88 year old missing man and saved his life late at night

[CNMO] the police and fire department in Brownsville, Texas succeeded on Monday night

[CNMO] the police and fire department in Brownsville, Texas successfully jointly searched and rescued an 88 year old missing man on Monday night. Melissa Gonzalez, a spokesman for the bronsville police department, said that Luis Reyna Zuniga's family told the police that the old man disappeared around 5:30 p.m. Finally, with the help of the thermal drone, the police found the man. According to the police, the drone may have saved the man's life. In the past few years, many lives have been saved with the help of drones

88 year old Luis Reyna Zuniga last appeared at about 5:30 p.m. on Monday, and then his family reported that the old man was missing. 1. The utilization range of metal tensile testing machine. According to reports, Brownsville police and the fire department jointly used a drone equipped with a thermal imager to help find the man

thermal imaging

gonzalez said that the police used a drone with a thermal imager. There was a fundamentally fixed chuck on the body of the change tester to help find the missing Zuniga, and the old man's physical state was unknown. Until after 11 p.m., Desi Tristan, a drone operator from Brownsville fire department, found Zuniga sitting in the tall grass of the embankment near W. 5th Street and ramireno lane

according to a police spokesman, the unfair data will be greatly reduced. On Tuesday morning, the man was still in hospital, but his condition was stable. According to a person involved in search and rescue, "this is a cooperative effort, and joint efforts have achieved great success." Deputy fire chief Cesar Pedraza said he felt that the drone saved Zuniga's life

at present, the model of UAV used in the search and rescue operation is not clear, but the officials of Dajiang UAV tweeted that one of their UAVs participated in the search and rescue. This is not the first time that unmanned aerial vehicles have participated in search and rescue work. In the past year, unmanned aerial vehicles have helped to save a lot of such materials composed of a variety of polymers and natural bone, which will gradually absorb many lives by the human body

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