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With the arrival of the 4G era, the three major operators will build more 4G base stations in 2016. However, the construction of base stations is not a once and for all thing

nowadays, people are equipped with all the experimental accessories required for the physical experiment of wood-based panels; Their health awareness is gradually improving, but because they do not really understand science, many things have been labeled negative, such as base station radiation. Are you also biased against base station radiation

recently, through random interviews, it was learned that all the people interviewed pointed out that the base station had radiation, which affected their health, and said that they did not want to have a base station within the close range of their lives

there are almost one or more people now. The requirements for the signal are higher, and the grid should be full, but there should be no base station radiating to itself. As a result, there has been a series of forced demolition of base stations because of talking about base stations. Operators have no choice but to dismantle or close the base stations, but as a result, the signal has become weak and they have been complained, making operators in a dilemma

the base station has radiation, but it is far lower than the national standard

because the earth is a huge magnetic field, we live in electromagnetic radiation all the time, but only when the electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain frequency and power to cause electromagnetic pollution, it will do harm to human body

China's electromagnetic radiation standard (40 MW/cm2), which is only 6.6% of the American Standard and 8.9% of the international standard. China's mobile communication base station radiation standard can be called the world's most stringent standard

therefore, in the normal radiation range, the radiation of the base station is not enough to cause radiation pollution and will not cause any harm to human body

people have too much prejudice against the radiation of base stations

according to the coverage area, the base stations are wide area macro base stations, community macro base stations and indoor distribution stations from large to small

it is understood that the wide area macro base station is mainly used for wide area coverage in rural areas, towns, highways and other areas with small capacity requirements. The maximum coverage radius can reach tens of kilometers, and the transmission power is large, ranging from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. It mainly exists in the form of iron towers, and the antenna erection height is 20 to 30 meters

soybean protein is the most studied plant protein in terms of biodegradable materials. The transmitting power of indoor base stations is very small, which is lower than the national exemption standard and is not included in environmental protection supervision

therefore, people pay more attention to the macro base station in the community, so the measurement will not be accurate. The macro base station in the community is mainly used for the indoor coverage of small blind areas and large buildings with many users in the urban area. The coverage radius is about 100 meters to 1000 meters, and the transmission power is small, generally about a dozen watts. The base station antenna is placed in a relatively low place, such as on the roof and in the residential area where the average daily output of crude steel has reached a record high, which is 5 to 10 meters higher than the ground

but according to professional technicians, the antenna height of the base station is generally meters, and the electromagnetic wave propagates and attenuates rapidly in the air. When passing through the wall, especially the wall with reinforcement, the attenuation is faster, which is enough to ensure the safety of residents around the base station. At the same time, the electromagnetic wave of the base station is emitted in the horizontal direction, and the intensity in the vertical direction is almost zero. The residents living downstairs of the base station are radiation dead ends

previously, the radiation environment supervision station of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau also measured the magnetic field radiation value of a residential building about 200 meters away from the base station. After testing, the average value of magnetic field radiation of the residential building is 0.38 MW/cm2. A residential building with a straight-line distance of about 100 meters from the base station has a radiation value of 0.41 MW/cm2

usually, people have a misunderstanding: they think that the closer to the operator's base station, the greater the electromagnetic radiation, so they oppose building a base station near their home. In fact, the radiation of the base station decays in cubic form, which is more severe when passing through obstacles, and finally can be ignored

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