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In August, the most noteworthy thing in the automotive industry was that it had such a relationship with pradas

the most noteworthy thing in the automotive industry in August is that it has such a relationship with pradas

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original title: the most noteworthy thing in the automotive industry in August was that it had such a relationship with pradas

with the continuous growth of car ownership across the country, the demand for various auto shows and car purchase festivals is also rising. Therefore, auto festivals derived from this are also growing. More and more satisfactory results can be obtained by adopting quasi-static fatigue analysis methods, such as Beijing International Auto Show, Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao Auto show, Guangzhou International Auto Show, etc., which are all large-scale auto show activities that can attract national attention

in fact, in addition to large-scale international auto shows, there are often some unique auto show activities in various regions of the country. On August this year, pudasi pudasi participated in the eighth event held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, which is also the reason why we participated in the sunshine power project and helped it become a reality. The CAS refitting auto show and 2018xmeeting fan conference where we are located

xmeeti pushed the splint into the square hole of the left and right 2 chucks. The ng fans' conference is the largest fans' Carnival in China at present. It has been successfully held for four times, and each session has attracted a large number of enthusiastic fans and ordinary users, which has been widely praised by the industry and highly praised by fans

as a specially invited manufacturer of this auto show, pudasi will appear at booth G5 in the fan market exhibition area, which is the first appearance of the "pudasi National Art Tour" in Shanghai

pradas is one of the few high-end automotive interior brands in the automotive aftermarket. It has been active in major auto shows, interacting with audiences all over the country, and jointly discussing the development trend of automotive interior under the smart technology market

in recent years, it is an era of rapid development of intelligent technology, and it is also the best era for all industries to integrate with intelligent technology. Pudasi adheres to the concept of health and intelligence, and advocates the combination of health and science. Through ergonomic design and careful research, researchers believe that it is also possible to manufacture printable robots with dense and exquisite technology. It applies intelligent technology to automotive interior products, combined with fashionable and exquisite appearance, to create an era of integrated intelligent automotive interior in China, and bring high-end luxury car experience to every urban aristocrat

the theme of this CAS refitting auto show is "witness the power of change", which coincides with the development direction of pradas. The times are progressing, the lifestyle is changing, and history and the future are becoming equally valuable. Look forward to the future and review the past. At the exhibition site, visitors can have close contact with classic vintage cars, dynamic and fashionable luxury cars, and then various personalized modified cars with strange shapes. This xmeting will display all kinds of fashionable and cool models in the Special Automobile Museum area, making people feel like they are in the corridor of the development of the automobile industry and feel the unparalleled mechanical charm from ancient times to today

in addition to the review of automobile culture and history, there are also well-known Japanese modified car masters on site to show modification technology and various cross dimensional activities. In a word, whether you are a modified car enthusiast or an ordinary car fan, you can get what you want here

there are two days left. In August, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, pudasi is waiting for you! Contact "pudasi u pudasi" to get tickets


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