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China has the ability to manufacture the "nerve center" of nuclear power plants

in this year, there were 442 nuclear power units in operation all over the world. The medium and long term development plan for nuclear power issued in 2007 lists 2005 as the first year of this plan. In this year, in a small office, Beijing Guangli Nuclear System Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangli nuclear) signed a contract with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan to cooperate in the construction of unit 1 of Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station. If the nuclear power plant is compared to a person, the digital instrument control system (DCS) is the nerve center of the nuclear power plant, which controls tens of thousands of nerve endings of the nuclear power plant. Naturally, it is the most important and difficult part to manufacture. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan is responsible for the nuclear level DCS of the nuclear power plant, while Guangli nuclear power is responsible for the more basic non nuclear level DCS

in this year, Gaogao joined a R & D team of less than 20 people from Guangli nuclear. This year, 11 years later, Guangli nuclear received the independent engineering review (ierics) report issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and China's nuclear DCS general platform harmony system, which has completely independent intellectual property rights, successfully completed the IAEA review. This means that hundreds of development engineers who are superb and involved in research and development not only have the ability to manufacture nerve centers, but also successfully get tickets to enter the international market

forced independent innovation

considering these reasons, realizing the autonomy of China's nuclear power instrumentation and control equipment is the dream of our generations of nuclear power instrumentation and control people. I see the hope of realizing this dream in you young people. If you can't develop China's nuclear power instrumentation and control equipment with independent intellectual property rights, then we can only be subject to foreign manufacturers all the time. An old expert in the nuclear power instrumentation and control industry said this sentence in the early review of the design scheme of the United system, which has been well remembered for 10 years

when China did not master nuclear DCS technology, domestic DCS manufacturers not only could not independently undertake the whole DCS project of nuclear power plants, but also were very passive in revenue sharing and project implementation. In fact, due to its importance in the system, nuclear DCS equipment only accounts for about one-third of the total DCS system equipment, but its value accounts for two-thirds of the total project equipment value. Chinese manufacturers responsible for the supply of non nuclear DCS equipment do more but get less

there are many helplessness in introducing foreign nuclear grade DCS. A circuit breaker costs about 10000 euros, and a set of dozens of circuit breakers in a system costs hundreds of thousands of euros. Moreover, the cabinets imported from abroad have long transportation distance and long delivery cycle, and can only be used in China after the introduction of technology. More importantly, nuclear power safety is of great importance, and there are information security problems in quoting foreign equipment. But at that time, China, which did not master the core technology, lacked bargaining power, and was powerless in the face of harsh regulations, environmental checks, safety supervision and other work that constituted a cooperation and various disadvantages

in this case, in 2007, Guangli nuclear started the research and development of harmony system. In the same year, the scientific research project was included in the National 863 plan and became an independent innovation project promoted by the state

reliable nerve center

the operation of nuclear power plant is like driving on the highway. Once you start, you can't stop casually or make mistakes easily. Non nuclear DCS is equivalent to the system that controls the accelerator and gearbox of the vehicle to realize the starting and high-speed stable operation of the vehicle. Nuclear DCS is responsible for controlling the braking of vehicles to realize the safety protection of personnel and vehicles in case of emergency

non safety level DCS is mainly used for daily power generation, while nuclear level DCS ensures the safe shutdown of nuclear reactor, that is, when the reactor is shut down under abnormal working conditions, it must ensure that the nuclear power plant can shut down accurately and in time, and it is not allowed that the control rod cannot fall. In other words, nuclear DCS is one of the most critical links in the safety barrier of nuclear power plants. At present, there are many countries that can manufacture non nuclear DCS in the world, but few countries that can overcome the technical difficulties of nuclear DCS. Therefore, it is the dream of every nuclear power country to have its own nuclear DCS

as the control platform of the nuclear reactor braking system, the reactor protection system composed of the United system has a rejection rate of 10 to the negative seventh power, that is, one rejection is allowed for 10million times. At the same time, for the normal and stable operation of the power station, it is also necessary to prevent maloperation. This index is called the maloperation rate. The maloperation of the United system is allowed only once in 50 years, and the result of the maloperation is also partial to safety. Before being applied to the site, the harmony system needs to undergo strict equipment identification, including environmental, electromagnetic, seismic and other tests. The R & D personnel simulated the conditions equivalent to a magnitude-8 earthquake, and the United system can only pass if it can live through the test of a magnitude-8 earthquake without problems

in terms of excellence, this is the reason why the value of nuclear DCS is much higher than that of non nuclear DCS. He pointed to a display screen on the domestic safety level cabinet in the workshop and said: with this display screen, you can change a BMW. Difficult technical breakthroughs come from the team's efforts to overcome difficulties. Needless to say, it was a hard time, but in the hearts of the participants, it was a pure and happy time

when the R & D task is urgent, we will go to the nearby mountainous area to work intensively. Dozens of people will work intensively in a large conference room for a month or two without the interference of other external affairs. From waking up in the morning and opening their eyes, to taking the oscilloscope as an example in the evening, at 89 o'clock or even oneortwo o'clock in the morning, we only think about the R & D task. The high concentration of energy and the timely collision of ideas have greatly improved our R & D efficiency. Talking about that time, Zhang Zhihui, the head of software development of harmony system, was excited

in October 2010, CGNPC successfully released the nuclear DCS product harmony system. From 2011 to 2015, relying on the research and development of relevant topics in large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor and high-temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant of national major science and technology projects, harmony system achieved the goal of commercialization and engineering application, and passed the review of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for nearly 10 months. After the review of several authoritative experts in the field of nuclear power instrumentation and control from 7 countries including the United States, France, Germany and Russia, its system architecture, safety characteristics, software and hardware, communication, test and verification process and system application have been confirmed

after passing the rigorous expert review, Zhang Zhihui breathed a sigh of relief, and the security of the United System stood the test! In addition, harmony system has also passed the general platform appraisal of China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, and the independent v v certification of the third party of ISTEC, an authoritative certification body; In 2010, CGNPC obtained the design/manufacturing license for civil nuclear safety electrical equipment

in 2010, harmony system obtained the design/manufacturing license for civil nuclear safety electrical equipment; In addition, harmony system has also passed the general platform authentication of China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, and the third-party independent v v certification of ISTEC, an authoritative certification body

the new business card created by China

the first created by harmony system not only stays at the technical level, but also has been recognized by the market

in September 2013, Guangli nuclear power won the DCS supply contract for Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6, marking that China's first independent general nuclear level DCS platform officially entered the application stage of the million level pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant project, which is also the first time that the harmony system has been applied to the million level nuclear power plant project. Nuclear power owners can trust us to hand over such a large project, which is the greatest affirmation of our technology and products. Zhang Zhihui said

Tianwan nuclear power station units 5 and 6 are the final works of China's second-generation reactor, and its DCS equipment procurement adopts the international open bidding method. In addition to Guangli Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., two other teams composed of internationally renowned companies participated in the bidding. In March 2016, Guangli nuclear successfully won the bid. This is the first time that China's independent nuclear power instrument and control manufacturers have competed with foreign instrument and control giants and won in the public bidding project

jiangguojin, general manager of Guangli nuclear, introduced that compared with similar foreign products, the harmony system can save about 300million yuan of project cost for each nuclear power unit with the same technical level. According to the energy conservation and emission reduction target promised by the Chinese government, China's nuclear power installation will reach about 150million kw by 2030, which means that China will add nearly 100 nuclear power units in the next 15 years. According to the calculation of saving 300million yuan per unit, the application of the harmony system will save about 30billion yuan of environmental temperature investment for the development of nuclear power in China

harmony system is also an important part of the "going out" strategy. In order to realize the strategy of nuclear power going out and meet its own development needs, on April 25th, 2013, the National Energy Administration of China hosted a coordination meeting on independent innovation of third-generation nuclear power technology cooperation. CGNPC and CNNC agreed to jointly develop hualong-1 on the basis of acpr1000+ and acp1000 developed by the two groups in the early stage. To this end, the two groups signed the agreement on the integration of independent three generation megawatt nuclear power technology hualong-1 technology. At present, the construction of Hualong 1 domestic demonstration project relying on CGN Fangchenggang nuclear power plant units 3 and 4 and CNNC Fuqing units 5 and 6 has started

in October this year, CGNPC and EDF of France signed an investment agreement for new nuclear power projects in the UK. According to the agreement, the new British nuclear power bradwell B project, which will be led by CGNPC, will adopt hualong-1 nuclear power technology, and take Fangchenggang nuclear power phase II project as its reference power station

the benefit of exporting a hualong-1 nuclear power plant is equivalent to exporting 200 medium-sized aircraft, which will effectively drive more than 5400 high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises such as design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation and high-tech enterprises to go out together, and help China become a manufacturing power. He Yu, chairman of CGNPC, said that the commencement of Fangchenggang nuclear power phase II project will make it a bridgehead for China's nuclear power technology to expand the international nuclear power market, and lay a key foundation for the subsequent large-scale going out of equipment manufacturing and other industries with independent technology

the landing of hualong-1 in the UK is the first time that China's independent third-generation nuclear power technology has landed in western developed countries, realizing the transformation and sublimation of China's nuclear power from large to strong. Creation in China has a new business card on the international stage. He Yu said

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