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Everything recovers and waits for the Spring Festival: Sany employees' New Year wishes at home and abroad

Everything recovers and waits for the Spring Festival: Sany employees' New Year wishes at home and abroad

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Guide: a safe and peaceful year of China, the spring of everything recovers, this node, our hearts have infinite expectations and expectations. Then, let's sit down quietly, listen to the voices of Sany people from all over the world, and have a look at the traditional Chinese year in the eyes of foreign friends. I want to have a home 2

the peaceful and auspicious year of China and the Spring Festival when everything recovers. At this node, our hearts have infinite expectations and expectations. Then, let's sit down quietly, listen to the voices of Sany people from all over the world, and have a look at the traditional Chinese year in the eyes of foreign friends

I want to have a home

in 2012, our company will gain a lot. Our controller, display screen, GPS and other products have not only completed the switching of the whole excavator model, but also been used in pumping, crawler crane and other types of products, and have been recognized by all business divisions. This year, the operation authority of our GPS management platform was gradually delegated to agents, and the functions of the Department have been changed

"stability" is my label for 2012. I have my own "nest" in Kunshan and finished the decoration, ending the "East drift" life. In the new year of 2013, due to the particularity of work, I need to stay on duty in the company. My mother will come from Changsha to spend the new year with me. A rich new year's Eve dinner is necessary! Looking forward to the future, I hope the business performance of the company will reach a higher level, and I hope to have my own home before the year of foundation—— Sany Heavy Machinery Deng Hai

study hard

I got engaged to my boyfriend in 2012, which is my greatest happiness. I met him on November 11th, 2011, the century stick Festival. That day, I signed up for the "extraordinary party" organized by the economic development zone. On the way, the two met by chance and talked. Later, during the activity, we found that we had a lot in common. After reporting the situation to parents, we tried to get along. When I think back, I will cherish and be proud of the fate of our century legend

in 2012, I changed my job from a network engineer to an information security engineer. My work direction has changed greatly and my vision is broader. In the new year, I hope to have a greater improvement in my personal ability. Information technology is changing rapidly. If I don't study for a day, I may fall behind and be eliminated. I'm still under pressure. Of course, I also hope to get a raise because of working harder—— Zeng Cheng of the pumping business department is getting richer and richer. Cleaning is a hard work. At 6:30 in the morning, when many employees were still sleeping, we arrived at the company and cleaned the office areas in advance. This job is about paying attention to details and being patient. There should be no footprints in the bathroom and no water stains on the table. In order to keep it clean, we can always "watch the scene" and clean it at any time. President Tang Xiuguo once praised the sanitation of our administrative building, and some people praised that the bathroom of our administrative building was "the cleanest", which was very useful

2012 is my 10th year in Sany. I clearly remember that it was snowing on January 29 this year, and I was on duty in the company. The big leaders of the company came to the company one after another, looking very happy and saying "there is good news". Later, I learned that it was the company that acquired a German enterprise called elephant. Looking back, I was very excited and felt like a participant in this big event. In 2013, I hope the company will be better and better, and I will do my work steadily. I hope life will be better and better, and my wallet will be bigger and bigger—— The Property Department of the administration department Yi Cailan

first became a father

some friction resistance of the dynamometer. In 2012, we participated in the reconstruction of the R & D building of the industrial city. With the completion of civil engineering, landscape and interior decoration, the R & D building will give employees a new look. The difficulty of parking in the industrial city is a big problem. The establishment of the underground garage of the R & D building will certainly provide convenience for everyone. We are looking forward to the opening of the reconstructed R & D building and your evaluation of the new office environment, which will both encourage and spur us

the greatest joy in 2012 is the birth of the baby son "Tangtang". I feel very happy holding him, teasing him and coaxing him to sleep every day, but I can also experience the hard work of "children are difficult to raise". I hope he can grow up healthily and happily—— Infrastructure headquarters Tang Chun

■ India

I once spent an unforgettable spring festival in Chengdu

the Spring Festival is a very colorful traditional Chinese festival. I was lucky to spend a very unforgettable and happy Spring Festival in Chengdu with many of my Chinese friends in 2007. The streets are so colorful and lively. I like this atmosphere very much

my greatest achievement in 2012 was to join Sany and visit Sany's factories in China. What I saw were high-tech modern industrial cities with good layout. I deeply respect the founders of Sany for establishing so many first-class factories in China and around the world

my biggest wish in 2013 is that Sany India will become one of the strongest suppliers of construction machinery and equipment in the Indian market. It has been leading the industry not only in 2013—— Badari Sany India CEO

the Spring Festival means "the beginning of a new life"

China's Spring Festival means "joy" and "the beginning of a new life". Like our Indian festival Diwali, it is a festival that provides the greatest guarantee for the repeatability of environmental conditions provided by environmental experimental equipment, which is verified by the National Metrology and verification department according to the verification regulations formulated by the national technical supervision agency. What I know is that Chinese people will be with their families during the Spring Festival, visiting relatives and friends, giving gifts to each other, and enjoying delicious food

I have worked in Sany for nearly six years. Every year, some Chinese colleagues cannot go home because of work. What we can do is to prepare some Chinese food (of course, it may not be very authentic) and fireworks as much as we can, and have dinner together. Sometimes we will dance with our Chinese colleagues. That kind of scene is really unforgettable

my biggest wish in 2013 is that Sany India can realize our plan at the beginning of the year. 2. The thickness of the test piece should be measured after cooling; Our goal is to focus on "we" rather than "I". Only by working together, can we succeed—— Shailesh Joshi, Minister of human resources of Sany, India

I hope India's sales are great

I am very happy to celebrate the Chinese New Year with many of my Chinese colleagues. Everyone is happy to get together. We prepared special Chinese food and enjoyed it to our heart's content. This is the biggest festival for Chinese colleagues

my biggest gain in 2012 was that I successfully reduced the administrative expenses by 10% without reducing the quality standard, and made contributions to the company, which made me very satisfied

my biggest wish in 2013 is that Sany India will sell well, and I hope our market position can reach the first. In that case, all employees will be proud of working in Sany—— Tanushree Sany India administration section chief

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