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Can close the doors and windows, turn off the gas! The elderly care robot developed in Han will be available in five years

Changjiang Rongzhong media, November 18 (Chen Cheng correspondent Li Na) gesture, and the robot will come to the elderly to help with food and daily life. On the 18th, the 2018 "light of wisdom" Hubei expert innovation and entrepreneurship achievement transformation and docking activity hosted by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and undertaken by the provincial Talent Service Bureau was held in Han. Changjiang learned that a project for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the industrialization of elderly care robots has been signed and developed in Han. It will enter the market in about five years and can provide monitoring, nursing and other services for the elderly

the relevant achievements were developed by the team of you Xinge, a professor at the school of electronic information and communication of Huazhong University of science and technology, and finally signed a contract with haopeiyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. You Xinge introduced that the elderly care robot can achieve a variety of functions. It can be used as the intimate housekeeper of the elderly, take care of their parents through remote monitoring, take basic care of the elderly, and realize remote diagnosis and medical treatment through connecting with hospitals and other institutions

at present, the robot can initially remind the elderly to take medicine, close the window, turn off the gas and other housekeeping services. 3. At the same time of modifying the fixture surface, open the camera on the bolt, screw stud and nut of robot gb/t 3103.2 (1) 982 precision machinery for fastener tolerance, so that children can have a video chat with the elderly to understand the living conditions of the elderly. The bracelet matched with the robot has the function of asking for help at any time. In case of emergency, the old man presses the bracelet button, and the help information is pushed to his children through the app at the first time. In addition, the bracelet has health management functions, which can monitor users' blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, etc. in real time

"in addition to the monitoring function, realizing the important function of basic nursing will be an important content in the next step." You Xinge said that the technology currently being developed enables the elderly to achieve the auxiliary function of eating, living and emergency situations through a variety of command controls. For example, when the elderly with poor mobility need to go to the toilet, just make a gesture, and the robot will come to the side, just like a nanny, doing actions to help the elderly complete the service

you Xinge said that basic care should be fully realized, involving basic research such as "semantic recognition" and robot simple mechanical action coordination. At present, one of the most important technologies is the research of "semantic recognition" technology of elderly care robot. In the field of artificial intelligence, semantic recognition includes the recognition of words, speech, actions, expressions and other dimensions. At present, the most difficult technology is to realize the recognition of actions and expressions that are the goal of building a powerful country. "For example, when the elderly need to take medicine in case of emergencies such as disease emergencies, and they are very painful and unable to speak, the robot needs to carry out relevant services through the elderly's gestures and expression instructions, and 'think' to recognize different instruction meanings"

you Xinge introduced that with the research and development of the team's artificial intelligence semantic recognition technology, it is expected that the relevant technology will be realized in the next five years or so, and will enter the homes of ordinary people. At the same time, relevant technologies can also be used in finance, security and other fields. Domestically, they can help carry out service and intelligent upgrading, and the industry has broad prospects

it is understood that in the early stage of this docking activity, more than 150 experts and 20 scientific research institutions of colleges and universities were visited, and more than 1000 expert achievements were collected. In addition to the signed projects, 710 scientific research achievements were released at the activity site. To obtain relevant information, you can contact the provincial Talent Service Bureau

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