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Songhonghao, Beijiang, Yancheng: no matter how simple it is, we should also do it with heart

newspaper reports: Song Honghao, a "national model worker" in 2020, the first "Jiangsu craftsman" in 2018, and a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province in 2016, has always been rooted in Beijiang power supply station, Yandu District, guoyancheng power supply company. Starting from a grassroots electrician, he continues to accumulate knowledge and skills, publicize power safety regulations, and troubleshoot power equipment defects, Taking pains to answer customers' questions and doubts, doing simple work repeatedly and carefully explains the craftsmanship spirit of workers in the power industry in the new era

generally speaking, many people think that simple work is not worthy of respect, so most people ignore it, pay no attention to it at all, and have high eyes but low hands. It's nothing more than "as far as our company's business process is concerned", taking it for granted that it's a piece of cake and careless; Others believe that they are ordinary people, in ordinary positions, doing simple things day after day, year after year, doing mechanical and procedural work, and it is impossible to make extraordinary achievements; Others believe that the work done at the grass-roots level every day is easy to produce the idea of "relaxed and comfortable, able to cope with" and does not need to be diligent and inquisitive on site, do not need to "make trouble" with some daily work-related problems, and do not need to study hard after work. After graduating from high school, songhonghao sold all kinds of vegetables and worked in Shangzhuang power supply station in Yandu District. He started from the bottom line worker, climbing the pole for maintenance, troubleshooting, line inspection, meter reading and charging. After graduating from high school, he learned from his master and found answers from books, and created a unique inspection line of "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting". With a strong tenacity, he not only obtained a bachelor's degree through self-study, but also learned a variety of computer program operations. He firmly rooted in the rural grass-roots level, always adhered to the concept of "doing simple things repeatedly and doing repeated things with heart", practiced his operation technology in a down-to-earth manner, and immediately began to clean up and become a good worker in the power industry in the new era. Up to now, songhonghao has invented and innovated 14 achievements, of which 8 have won national patents and 10 have won provincial and municipal awards, which has accumulated more than one million yuan for cost reduction and efficiency increase of the company's projects, reduced the number and time of power outages and fault maintenance, and produced immeasurable good indirect benefits to the economy and society

details determine success or failure. Any achievement has a trivial beginning. Success is not difficult, that is, simple things are done repeatedly, and repeated things are done with heart. We should seriously study the typical experience of song Honghao, a "national model worker", adhere to the concept of "doing simple things with heart", devote ourselves to research and strive hard, so as to serve the intelligent management, operation and production of enterprises, support the reform and innovation development of enterprises, and better promote economic development and the improvement of people's livelihood. (Wu Wen solved the horizontal competition through company acquisition, Chen Xin)

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