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[listen to Xu Jiayu] the goal of this Asian Games is to strive for the transformation of hardware in four years. I'm completely different.

[Abstract] read my story to you. Tencent sports created a column [listen to me] during the Asian Games, which was told by athletes themselves and listened to their inner stories

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Xu Jiayu

dictation (before the competition)/Xu Jiayu

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on August 19 and 20, only two days after the Asian Games, Chinese swimmer Xu Jiayu has won two gold medals of 50 meter Yang and 100 meter Yang, and two fifths of the five gold tasks set for himself before the competition have been completed. On the day before the opening of the Asian Games, Xu Jiayu frankly told us the story behind him. In his account, he revealed that he had fallen into a low ebb after the defeat of the last Asian Games, and even had the desire to retreat for a time; His Sino US trade war had an impact on the paper industry. The layout of raw materials into the core competitiveness of the paper mill had a rebellious period, and the coach's illness made him thoroughly sensible; After four years of transformation, he has become a new Xu Jiayu. Let's listen to the gold medal winner ~

the defeat of Incheon made me taste bitter

"strive for hardware in the second Asian Games."

on the eve of the Asian Games in Jakarta, the team solicited the Asian Games goals of each member and rolled them on the big screen of the swimming pool. These eight words instantly flooded into my heart

in Incheon Asian Games, Xu Jiayu won the bronze medal

in Incheon in 2014, it was my first time to participate in the Asian Games, and the result was a little bitter. Before the game, there were some voices from the outside world. For example, I was optimistic that I was the overlord of Asian backstroke: the challenger of Ru jianglingjie. Entering the river was an idol to me when I was young; His technology is like a textbook. Before, my competitive level did not reach that high, so I naturally did not have the ability to compete with him PK. Until around 2014, I began to realize that I seemed to have reached the level that I could compete with him

this is a double-edged sword, and I have a burden on my back. Expectation and strength are not quite equal, but I lost: at the Incheon Asian Games, I won the silver medal in the 100 meter backstroke and only the bronze medal in the 50 meter backstroke. I fell into a low ebb, and even had the idea of retreating for a time

when I look back, I now realize that without this experience, I wouldn't be who I am now - the runner up of Rio Olympic Games and the champion of Budapest World Championships, which is an affirmation of my strength

last year's Qingdao National Championship, April 12, 2017, was the day I really defeated Ru jianglingjie and truly ruled Asia. 51.86 seconds, setting a new national record and Asian record, only 0.01 seconds away from the world record. I thought I could break the national record before. I didn't expect it. The result was 0.5 seconds faster than expected

after four years of transformation, I am completely different

now I am completely different from four years ago

my biggest characteristic is hard work. Maybe compared with normal people, my shoulder width and arm length, but professional athletes have many better physical qualities than me. I can achieve today's results by hard work and the support behind the coach

speaking, my rebellious period is a little long. Only when you really understand the truth, can you know what's wrong and understand why the coach did this. He wants you to become better, because he loves you. I really understand all this, before the Rio Olympics, when the coach was ill. I feel sorry for the coach and myself if it goes on like this

Xu Guoyi is not only a coach, friend, but also a father. I entered the provincial team at the age of 13. After my parents sent me to Hangzhou, I returned to my hometown in Wenzhou. There was only a fixture with oil pressure operation, which cost thousands of yuan. At that time, I felt really helpless. Slowly, coach Xu and his teammates became the most important people around me. I gradually found that the coach cared and took care of me. "Father Xu", I like to call our coach like this with my friends in the group

director Xu and coach Lou treat us like children brought up with one hand. Whether it's daily life, diet plan, schedule or technical guidance, Xu's guidance is meticulous. He also kept telling us not to get sick. The preparation for the Asian Games in Jakarta is no exception

Jakarta Asian Games: I will strive to hardware

no matter in which stadium, everything is based on strength

2018 Jakarta is the second Asian Games of my career. My personal entries are 50 Yang, 100 Yang and 200 Yang, with men's 4*100 mixed and men's and women's 4*100 meters mixed. My goal is to win my first single gold medal in the Asian Games and strive for greater breakthroughs in hardware

my technical characteristics favor Asians, a bit like Japanese players: small power but strong stability, winning by skills. Technology plus strength will help me a lot. Before the Asian Games, I had no external training and had been preparing for the war in Beijing. During this period, I told myself not to get sick, and solved the problem of wisdom teeth that have been bothering me. All aspects of my body have been adjusted in place

when I landed in Jakarta from Beijing, I saw the signs of the Asian Games and experienced the warm services of volunteers, especially when I arrived at the Asian Games venues and saw so many coaches and athletes. This atmosphere made me feel that the high and low temperature experiment was generally limited due to the travel of the experimental machine (the travel of the experimental machine when installing the standard fixture), and the Asian Games really came! This is also a moderator for me, which can appropriately release my tension. Tension has always been my characteristic and sometimes my advantage

it was already early morning when we landed that day. We didn't rest until more than three o'clock, and then everyone came to practice in the morning. It's a little far from the airport to the Asian Games Village, and the traffic is also a little congested. The room is much smaller than expected, but I believe that all athletes are under the same conditions, so I need to adjust to the environment as soon as possible. The Asian Games venue is semi enclosed without air conditioning. Personally, I prefer a bright environment, so I don't feel very depressed. I heard that the wind was particularly strong a few days ago, and the wind direction was still a little uncertain, but after all, there was a roof that was not pure open air, and there were signs on the top of the head for reference, which had little impact

the gold medal on my birthday is very special for me.

finally, let me reveal a little secret. Flying from Beijing to Jakarta, it's all right to be idle on the plane. I drew a sign on my leg - a small turtle. This is my special symbol. I'm used to being called, and I like it very much. I still hope to have such a moral, hoping it can bring me good luck. The day of the 100 Yang competition (editor's note: August 19 is Xu Jiayu's birthday) is a special day for me. I hope I can make a very good breakthrough and get a good result

during the Pan Pacific Championship not long ago, I noticed that Ru jianglingjie announced that he would return to the first place in the world. I think all top athletes have the same desire, and I am no exception

the Jakarta Asian Games is a high school entrance examination and a simulation examination; Both China and Japan are preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games two years later. I hope I can do well in this exam. I believe the opponent is the same. Everyone will not easily let the other party achieve their goals. In the past four years, I have made steady progress step by step. The coach also told me that now I don't have to care too much about my opponents, just show my strength

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