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In addition to the price, what's the killer mace of Sany road roller?

in addition to the price, what's the killer mace of Sany road roller?

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in the field of full hydraulic pressure, Sany's 21 years of focus is undoubtedly the leader of the full hydraulic industry, and its leading technology also makes it a national and provincial key project known as the "main force"

besides being close to the people in price, what is the killer mace of this top student to break the situation of mechanical domination of the world and become the "outstanding person" that the people all over the country are eager to pursue

work is more energy-saving

as the construction party, the construction period is the benefit, and the quality of construction equipment directly affects the project progress. The most typical construction feature of road rollers is that they need to be rolled back and forth repeatedly. This requires the efficiency of turning back and forth of the roller

Sany full hydraulic roller has stepless speed change, and it can turn quickly, forward and backward without waiting when turning. While the mechanical roller needs to step on the brake, clutch, shift gears and release the clutch when turning, which takes at least 3-5 seconds

calculated by compacting 30 meters at the speed of 5km/h, it takes 21.61 seconds for Sany full hydraulic roller to press once, and 21.61+4=25.61 seconds for mechanical roller, and the full hydraulic construction efficiency is increased by 15.6%

compaction is smoother

quality is the foundation of engineering construction, and compaction flatness is one of the standards to evaluate pavement construction. In today's increasingly fierce engineering competition, the construction quality of excellence will be an important weight to win the engineering project

Sany full hydraulic roller starts smoothly, and the road surface is compacted and flat, so there is no need to ask workers to repair local roads. The mechanical roller has great impact at the start, and the pavement has indentation, which affects the construction quality

construction is more environmentally friendly

since this year, environmental protection law enforcement in all regions has been unprecedented. Some regions have begun to register and inspect the construction machinery used in new projects. If the emission exceeds the standard, it will be investigated and punished according to law and the entry operation will be prohibited

obviously, whether the equipment is energy-saving and environmental protection has become an important factor that directly affects the vital interests of users

Sany hydraulic roller has no impact in driving reversing, stable power output without sudden change, controllable displacement and low fuel consumption. The reversing impact of mechanical transmission is large, and the power output changes greatly, especially at the moment of starting, the exhaust pipe will emit a black smoke

at the construction site of Bid Section D of Guangxi Wuliu expressway, through comparative tests, the fuel consumption of Sany single drive roller is 18.77l/h, that of a brand of mechanical roller is 20.58l/h, and that of Sany hydraulic single drive can save 10%

construction is safer

safety is more important than Mount Tai. Any machinery should be constructed under the premise of improving the guarantee ability and ensuring safety, so as to talk about benefits

Sany full hydraulic roller has triple protection of driving, parking and emergency stop. The pump and motor are used interchangeably, the transmission mode is simple, the energy is increased, and the phenomenon of speeding can be solved

at the same time, parking brake and anti lock settings ensure higher safety coefficient and reliability. The pipelines of the mechanical roller are complicated, and the brakes need to be used frequently. For a long time, the temperature of the metal parts is too high, the friction is weakened, and the failure is high, so there are certain potential safety hazards

maintenance is more worry-free

I often hear from some users that some equipment is "affordable, can't afford to use", because subsequent maintenance is too laborious and expensive, delaying the construction period. Therefore, the later maintenance of a good equipment is equally important

the hydraulic system of Sany full hydraulic roller is simple, easy to maintain, and basically maintenance free. The mechanical structure and system are complex, so it is necessary to determine, especially for those materials whose shape is not convenient for hardness test, such as periodic drainage, greasing of the transmission shaft, and regular replacement of vulnerable parts. Comparatively speaking, the hydraulic type is more convenient and worry free to use

driving is more comfortable

nowadays, most operators are post-80s and post-90s. They will pursue more comfort in driving

Sany full hydraulic roller adopts hydraulic single lever operation to realize forward and backward, which is more simple and convenient to operate and easy to use. In this way, it is easier for machine owners to recruit operators, and the labor cost is lower

"for this reason, the association is stable, safe and easy to operate for the first time in Chongqing, one of the automobile industry clusters in China", is a general evaluation given by operators who have used Sany full hydraulic roller. There are many mechanical rollers, including clutch, brake, hand brake and gear shift. The operation is cumbersome, and the requirements for the operator are also high

the price is more people-friendly

Sany full hydraulic single steel wheel roller is a classic product that has been continuously improved and improved by several generations at the 2016 Hunan Provincial Annual Academic Conference on fine chemicals and functional materials held at Hunan University of science and technology. From the perspective of fuel consumption, labor, post maintenance and so on, it can create nearly 50000 yuan more value than the mechanical roller of the same tonnage in the industry every year

therefore, there are countless fans, and the market sales have increased sharply, which is enough to prove that the full hydraulic roller has become the general trend

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