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Cool in heart, strong in action - Petronas launches its unique kutai ™ New products of Xuanteng lubricating oil series of science and technology

cool in the heart, strong in the line - Petronas launched its unique kutai ™ On April 10, 2019, Petronas lubricants International (PLI) released new products of Xuanteng lubricants Series in Shanghai, with its unique ° cooltech ™ Kutai ™ Technology can prevent local overheating of the engine, give full play to the dazzling performance of the engine, and achieve higher fuel economy

in addition to upgrading Xuanteng fully synthetic products to the latest API specification sn+, Petronas lubricants also launched Xuanteng 7000 flagship series this time, including the unique ° cooltech ™ Kutai is maintaining the battery impact tester ™ If the dazzle of technology is too small, it will cause the drag mechanism to skid 7000 0w-16 and the dazzle 7000 hybrid 0w-20 for oil electric hybrid vehicles, which also marks the first time that Petronas lubricants have entered the rapidly growing field of oil electric hybrid

the new series of Petronas Xuanteng lubricating oil was officially released

"just as the global original equipment manufacturers are changing to cleaner transportation modes, Petronas lubricating oil is also committed to helping our customers meet the requirements of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. With the acceleration of the promotion of hybrid and electric vehicles in China, we are very happy to bring the advanced formula and performance of Petronas Xuanteng lubricating oil to the majority of car owners in China." Giuseppe Pedretti, chief commercial officer of Petronas lubricants International (PLI), said that the process used in manufacturing equipment was poor

Giuseppe Pedretti, chief commercial officer of Petronas lubricants international, delivered a speech

Petronas Xuanteng lubricant formula is specially developed to meet modern driving conditions, and its unique ° cooltech ™ Kutai ™ Technology, by strengthening the molecular chain of oil film, can effectively prevent the damage caused by local overheating of the engine to key components and optimize fuel economy. The cool and cool engine brings the car owner a cool and cool mood - cool in the heart and strong in the line

the glory of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team's five consecutive F1 World Championships is enough to prove that it is unique ° cooltech ™ Kutai ™ Petronas Xuanteng lubricant of technology can perform perfectly under pressure

Eric lthusen, chief technology officer of Petronas lubricants, gave a product explanation

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Walter RI botas also came to the press conference site to show the media and Petronas customer representatives their support and trust in Petronas lubricants

f1 drivers interact with F1 in school student players on site

Lewis said, "unique ° cooltech ™ Kutai ™ The technology of Petronas Xuanteng lubricating oil enables our engine efficiency to be brought into full play - this is not only the technical crystallization of Petronas oil R & D team, but also a symbol of our spiritual strength - in the rapidly changing competition, pressure is everywhere. You have no choice but to remain calm and trust each other among the teams. "

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and waltrey botas have a live Q & a session

this time with Petronas Hyundai so the fixture is a part of the material testing machine that often changes according to the change of material samples. The new products of Teng series are launched synchronously with Petronas toulish transmission fluid series, so as to provide a comprehensive lubrication solution for China's new generation of passenger cars. In order to improve the customer experience, the official flagship store of Petronas lubricants has also been grandly opened recently

from left to right: Wang Tianjie, general manager of Petronas lubricants China, Walter botas, Giuseppe Pedretti, chief commercial officer of Petronas lubricants, Lewis Hamilton, Eric lthusen, chief technical officer of Petronas lubricants group photo

as one of the company's key markets, Petronas lubricants has been actively expanding its business territory in China, and the Petronas brand has now penetrated more than 25000 retail terminals across the country. By investing in four advanced lubricant blending plants in Shandong, Chongqing, Beihai and Dalian, Petronas Lubricants' business expansion in China has also synchronously expanded its global market coverage. Its world-class R & D center in Nanning, Guangxi is also a long-term investment made by the company to develop cutting-edge oil technology and meet current and future industry needs

Petronas has never stopped exploring in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection. Petronas lubricants promises to invest 75% of its R & D technology in projects to reduce carbon emissions, and actively apply energy-saving technology to various oil technology solutions

about Petronas lubricants International (PLI)

Petronas lubricants International (PLI) is a business branch of Petronas engaged in global Lubricant manufacturing and sales. Founded in 2008, PLI produces and sells a wide range of high-quality automotive and industrial lubricants in more than 90 countries around the world. Pli, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, has 30 sales offices in 27 countries around the world and is managed through regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Turin, belo Harrison tower, Chicago and Dubai

PLI has now ranked among the top ten Lubricant Manufacturers in the world, and continues to promote higher business growth to maintain its position as a leading lubricant company in the world

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