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Yunnan: it was unexpectedly used to pack cans with waste cans

the state expressly prohibited the use of recycled waste materials to pack food, but at noon yesterday, the law enforcement officers of the Inspection Brigade (hereinafter referred to as the Inspection Brigade) of Kunming Bureau of quality and technical supervision found 5832 bottles of "problem" fish cans packed with waste materials in Kunming Huafeng wholesale market

after receiving the report, he rushed to the Huafeng wholesale market at about 12 noon. There were two shops selling "problem" canned fish, one on the 1st-5th-13th and the other on the 2nd-5th-15th. The inspectors were taking notes on the spot. The full names on the labels of the cans sold in the two stores are fried spicy fish pieces. The cans sold on No. 1-5-13 are produced by Hebei Yudi Xianli value Tian Dongfang food cannery; The cans sold in store 2-5-15 are produced by Yutian Fuda cannery. When the inspectors opened the lid of the can, they saw that the lid was made of recycled waste cans. Many lids still had the words of previous goods on them, and the inner layer was still dirty

"the state expressly prohibits the use of recycled waste materials to package food. There is paint on the inner layer of these lids that contacts the food, and they are also very dirty. If consumers eat such things, they are likely to cause harm to their health." The inspector told. After investigation, 1-5 has a high performance price ratio - store 13 has bought 360 cans (24 bottles each) since December 1, and there are only 36 cans left at present; Store 2-5-15 has bought 2400 pieces since October 19, and there are 207 pieces left after sales. These cans were sold to many prefectures and cities in the province at the price of 46 yuan and 47 yuan each. "The two stores are very uncooperative. Now we don't know their purchase channels and warehouses. Now we can only transfer the case to the Public Security Department of Xishan District." The inspector told. At about 1 p.m., the economic investigators of Xishan District Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene to investigate. Based on yesterday's investigation, the inspectors reminded the majority of consumers that if the above two "problem" fish cans are found, the phase change materials can be dispersed into very small particles and reported to the local geological supervision or industrial and commercial department. The report of Kunming Bureau of quality supervision is 0871 -

source: Yunnan

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