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It is one of the strategic measures for PetroChina to build a comprehensive international energy company to further promote the strategic adjustment of refining and chemical business layout and structure, pay attention to the construction of large-scale refining and chemical bases, and enhance the advantages of comprehensive integration. The ten million ton refining and one million ton ethylene project of Dushanzi petrochemical, which has been completed and put into operation, and the ten million ton refining and one million ton ethylene project of Fushun Petrochemical, which is under construction, are the epitome of PetroChina's implementation of this strategic initiative

Dushanzi Petrochemical:

the western border is magnificent

the largest refining and chemical integration project in China and the landmark project of the western development - Dushanzi Petrochemical ten million ton oil refining and one million ton ethylene project has been completed and put into operation. After more than a month of careful operation and commissioning, the main economic and technical indicators have met the design requirements, and the unit operates safely and smoothly

on August 28 this year, the ten million ton oil refining project of Dushanzi Petrochemical was successfully commissioned. On September 21, the one-time commissioning of the million ton ethylene project was successful. The refining and chemical plants of the project are centrally controlled and of world-class scale, of which 1million tons of ethylene is the first ethylene plant with the largest scale in China and adopts the world's most advanced technology. All the refined products of the whole project meet the European IV standard, and most of the chemical products are high-end products

this winter is the first winter after the ethylene project was put into operation in 2013, when Dushanzi Petrochemical also has on-off signal outputs such as rise, fall and stop, which can be used to directly drive external relays or solenoid valves of ten million tons and oil refining of one million tons. In order to ensure that the devices in the new area can withstand the test of winter production, Dushanzi Petrochemical has established a winter prevention and insulation leading group and an energy-saving leading group, regularly organized joint inspections, held regular special meetings, and promptly rectified the problems found, so as to ensure that key parts, key equipment, important pipelines and instruments are in a safe and controlled state, and ensure that the devices can survive the winter smoothly

Fushun Petrochemical:

the old base welcomes new growth

the large towering towers, modern control centers, and shuttling vehicles constitute a magnificent picture of engineering construction. In Fushun Petrochemical Company, a 10 million ton oil refining and ethylene production base with a total investment of more than 20 billion yuan has taken shape. Today, Fushun Petrochemical is marching forward from the cradle of China's oil refining industry to a large refining and chemical base

from the initial stage of project construction to the present unit), the composition of exchange servo speed regulation unit, the ten million ton oil refining and one million ton ethylene projects are changing every day: one million ton ethylene was officially approved on April 26, 2004; On March 17, 2006, the national development and Reform Commission officially issued the approval document; The foundation laying ceremony of the project was held on August 18, 2006; In February, 2008, the overall optimization plan of refining and chemical industry was approved by CNPC; The site leveling project was completed in October 2008; On April 21, 2009, a mobilization meeting for the construction of a million ton ethylene project was held

the 10 million ton oil refining leading unit and the 8 million ton atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit were approved on December 30, 2004; The feasibility study report of the project was approved by the joint stock company on August 14th, 2006; Construction started on April 12, 2007; CCCC was completed on October 10, 2008; On October 13, 2009, the commissioning successfully produced qualified products

at present, the project construction is advancing rapidly, including 82% of the total project amount of the coking unit of the ten million ton oil refining structure adjustment project, 67% of the pile foundation construction of the hydrofining unit, 20% of the total project amount of the hydrocracking unit, the test pile of the hydrogen production unit has been completed, and 87% of the public works have been completed. The annual 8million ton distillation unit operates at 70% load, with a processing capacity of 670 tons per hour, and the unit operates smoothly. All process indicators meet the design requirements, product distribution and product yield meet the design value, and key equipment operates normally; The million ton ethylene technology transformation project is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. The underground pipe, cracking furnace cushion cap foundation, underground trunk of the main device and other projects have been completed; 82% of the total amount of the project has been completed for the foundation construction of slope treatment, off-site roads, polymer products warehouse and so on. The ethylene plant began to enter the equipment installation stage

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