The hottest thing is that you have to wash the car

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There are so many cars to wash. Do you really have to supply the car

with the improvement of living standards, people have gradually surpassed "using cars" for "keeping cars". Many car owners like to wash their cars by themselves, which saves the cost of washing cars in car wash shops and beauty shops, and can also wash more confidently

but there are many precautions for washing the car yourself. Let's see first

first of all, don't wash the car too often. Some car owners wash the car every oneortwo days, threeorfive days, as if they can't see any defects on the car, but you have to know that washing the car too often will make the color fade faster for a long time, and the gain is not worth the loss

the second is car washing supplies. First of all, let's talk about cleaning agents. Many car owners should have used washing powder to wash their cars. The alkalinity ratio of these cleaning agents in life is still different from the total investment of 500million yuan in automobile and electrical appliances protection device and the special cleaning agent for new medical delivery device. In order to protect the paint, it is better to use professional cleaning agents

in addition, when washing the car, you can't directly put a rag on it. For example, when we have some hard objects in our pockets, you put them in our pockets, which is easy to rub and cause scratches on the screen. So if you don't remove the small particles on the car surface with clean water before washing the car, moving the rag directly will also damage the paint surface

next is to avoid washing the car in the hot sun. Strong Japan will hurt the car paint, and when the hot car surface is stimulated by cold water, the damage to the car paint is even higher! In addition, water droplets may form a convex lens effect, and the temperature will focus on a point on the water droplets, which will also damage the car paint

at the same time, it is also necessary to avoid washing the car when the body is still hot, and to avoid washing it with a bucket of water to the end. Therefore, the rags under the car should be separated, and the body should be wiped dry with a soft towel, and

in the end, you will find that just washing the car can be simply and can be made into powder, liquid, particles and other situations, like providing the car

I think that life is polymorphic when living. Everyone has his own habits and hobbies, and he can do whatever he feels comfortable. If you think the above precautions are indeed reasonable, then OK, you can follow them

but if you don't think it's necessary, in addition to some necessary actions that affect safety, leave the rest alone! It's better to spend more time on your family than to spend so much time on a car

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