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Here comes the customer service robot. Can it replace the property customer service

owner's repair request scenario

owner: is there anyone

customer service: XXX property. Hello, may I help you

owner: the lamp bulb in my study is broken. Can you change it for me

customer service: Hello, Mr. Chen! You are the owner of room 1205 on the 12th floor. Your study desk lamp often uses XX brand XX watt energy-saving lamp. The maintenance personnel will bring the energy-saving lamp to your home for replacement in 5 minutes. Energy saving lamp XX Yuan, service fee 7 The above are all the operation steps of the dry shoelace tensile test. Are you paying in cash

owner: how do you know I use xx brand bulbs

customer service: we use the smart home customer habit analysis system. In addition, according to the monitoring system of the community, if you are not at home, how can you change the light bulb. Let's wait until you get home and contact you to confirm the time

owner: OK

customer service: Mr. Chen, your home is 2646*****, your company is 4666*****, and yours is * * *. Which one shall we call when you get home

owner: why do you know all my numbers

customer service: Mr. Chen, because we are online to the CRM system

owner: Well, I'll just play any one. Anyway, I'll move to the top. In addition, I would like a seafood pizza customer service: Mr. Chen, seafood pizza is not suitable for you

owner: why

customer service: according to your medical records, your blood pressure and cholesterol are on the high side

owner: what can you recommend

customer service: you can try our low-fat healthy pizza

owner: How did you know I would like to eat this

customer service: you borrowed a low fat healthy diet from the central library last Monday

owner: OK. How much do I have to pay for a family extra large pizza

customer service: 99 yuan, which is enough for your family to take six bites. But your mother should eat less. She just had a heart bypass operation last month and is still recovering

owner: can I pay or swipe my card

customer service: sorry, Mr. Chen. Please pay in cash, because your account has no balance and your credit card has been maxed out. You still owe the bank 4807 yuan, not including the mortgage interest

owner: I'll go to the nearby ATM first

customer service: Mr. Chen, according to your records, you have exceeded today's withdrawal limit

owner: forget it. You can send the pizza to my house directly. There is cash at home. How soon will you deliver it

customer service: about 20 minutes. But you can also come by bike

owner: why

customer service: according to the records of the automatic vehicle tracking system of our CRM global positioning system. You have registered a motorcycle with the vehicle number sb-748. At present, you are riding this motorcycle 100 meters away from the east gate of the community and are on your way

the industry calculates the impact energy according to the damage degree of the pendulum to the impact sample, and the master immediately faints

how do you feel if in this scenario, the conversation with the owner is not a beautiful property customer service personnel, but a robot

this scenario is now becoming a reality

virtual property customer service robot

today, home life (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as home life technology) released the first virtual property customer service robot home v1.0 Xiaojia v1.0 is based on cloud computing, deep-seated algorithms, voice interaction and other cutting-edge technologies, integrates the characteristics of current property services, realizes the anthropomorphic interaction of various devices, and replaces the traditional manual completion of property customer service

in the property service industry, with the proposal of intelligent community and the opening of the era of building intelligence, it has become a trend to use robots to replace manual services for the public, and the property intelligent robots came into being

according to the relevant person in charge of home life technology, Xiaojia v1.0 mainly solves the five major pain points of property service, greatly enhancing the core competitiveness of traditional property companies:

first, visitor reception is fast and agile. Small v1.0 can answer more than 5 incoming calls at the same time. The call quality is clear and stable, and the response is easy. There will be no busy line, no connection, poor attitude of customer service staff and other problems

second, general secretary, 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. Small family v1.0 can meet the basic property services for non essential face-to-face meetings, and can provide services 24 hours a day, such as reporting for repair, payment inquiry, etc. Therefore, customers can choose their own free time to handle relevant business, which will change the traditional 5-day and 8-hour working mode and greatly enhance customers' stickiness to the bank

third, information query and intelligent customer experience. The owner can conduct information inquiry through the terminal, including bills, property fees, repair reports, complaints and suggestions, community questions and answers, and can also handle the residents' repair reports. The small family responded easily, quickly solved the problems that had taken a long time to be solved, greatly improved the efficiency and reduced the waiting time of customers

fourth, save more than 80% of customer service costs. Small home v1.0 can replace multiple customer service personnel to answer more than 5 incoming calls at the same time, and can handle reporting for repair, information query and various inquiries. At the same time, Xiaojia v1.0 is associated with the smart housekeeper system of home life technology to support, report and repair, automatically generate work orders and submit service evaluations, help the property optimize and innovate business processes, and strengthen communication and contact with owners

fifth, coordinate work and improve work efficiency. Every day, more than 30% of the customer service and internal problems need to be solved through collaboration. In the past, these problems were completed through a separate system or under the system, and the efficiency was very low. Now, through Xiaojia 1.0, the property customer service can quickly create work orders and flow them according to flexible processes, so that all departments of property service can participate in the collaborative processing of customer service, improve efficiency and bring users the best experience

then, how does the technology of virtual property customer service robot home v1.0 come true? According to the relevant person in charge of home life technology, at present, it is not a technical difficulty for the virtual customer service agent to access multiple lines and convert voice to text at the same time. The technical core of the product is the semantic analysis engine, which is to let the computer understand the meaning of human speech and make appropriate responses or replies. This set of semantic analysis engines, combined with the industry service knowledge base, help the machine understand human language. At present, the semantic analysis engine of home life technology can identify more than 84% of the service needs, replacing 74% of the manual traffic, including 400 centralized customer service seats and the number of front desks of residential or office projects

can robots replace property customer service

after a personal test, this small home is not perfect. At present, its functions include reporting for repair, visitor reception, Bill property fee query, community Q & A, etc. For example, the personal chat that the old people like and the general secretary can not answer all the questions, and sometimes the answers are not what they ask

as far as the whole AI technology is concerned, Google alphago has the highest IQ and learning ability, but it is different from the real concept of human learning. Even if all the data in the world are input, it still cannot produce human multi-dimensional thinking ability. Just as scientists say, artificial intelligence has intelligence but no intelligence, has IQ but no EQ, and accounting cannot calculate. However, artificial intelligence can serve as a good assistant for human beings. It is no problem to liberate part of the labor force and replace part of the repetitive work

according to a new report released by CBRE consulting company and Chinese company genesis, as the upper limit temperature is higher, with the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence will continue to change the structure of business. The revolutionary change of workplace operation mode is expected to occur in the next 10 to 15 years. The customer service tensile force experiment mechanism, process work and a large number of middle-level management links will disappear, and many people's livelihood will be at risk

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