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Curved surface silk printing method

although there are many methods for curved surface silk printing recently, in practical application, simple curved surface printing and painting live parts are often encountered, but they are often abandoned due to restrictions, thus losing economic income opportunities. How can we solve this problem? Over the years, through practical application, a large number of processed prints have been printed by using the movable surface printing method, such as latex plastic barrels, pure water barrels, washbasins, hot water bottles, cups, bowls, plates and other products. At the same time, this method can be used to print signboard characters on automobiles and also on special-shaped planes. The so-called movable surface printing means that the silk plate is removed and printed directly on the surface of the substrate

for the production of movable silk plate, first dry and repair the photosensitive text graphic plate, then remove it and cut it according to the size. At both ends of the plate, wood chips or aluminum chips are used as the framework and are tightly bonded with adhesive tape. It can also be directly bonded with viscose. In this way, the required movable surface silk plate can be made

operation method of live face printing

different printing materials are selected for blending according to the substrate. First, select a flat plate and a plate, and mix the required ink. Then, one person holds the movable surface silk plate with both hands, and closely sticks the printed part to the substrate surface. The other person uses a scraper to evenly dip the ink on the side of the blade edge on the ink mixing plate, and then place the scraper on the plate for uniform scraping

if the printed graphic area is too large, pour the ink on the plate according to the situation, but do not let the ink flow out of the substrate. Note that the allocated ink should not be too thin or too dry. It is better to have a moderate humidity. The printing of words and pictures in a small area can be operated by one person. The method is to stick one end of the movable plate on the required position of the substrate surface with packaging tape, and then use the other hand to tighten the plate close to the substrate for printing. Make sure to stick the adhesive tape to avoid major accidents when starting the plate. The direction of one end is light. The same is true if two people operate the version starting method. Printing by this method has the advantages of convenient operation, flexible requirements for substrate, large capacity and small capacity. The number of yield points can be increased or decreased. The upper enterprises develop the lower yield point by pure planned promotion and market driven in the past. It has the advantages of low cost and energy saving

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