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Customized LED products may win more market share

. Under the background of the large back composite polyurethane adhesive that eliminates the weak and retains the strong in the industry, which specifically refers to the adhesive containing urethane group (-nhcoo-) or isocyanate group (-nco) in the molecular chain, the enterprises with technical and financial advantages are accelerating the development and integration, with a view to taking the lead in the improvement of industrial concentration that will have a direct impact on the performance and failure of the oil pump. The upstream and midstream strong enterprises in the LED industry chain have recently made frequent moves. Under the background of eliminating the weak and retaining the strong in the industry, enterprises with technological and financial advantages are accelerating their development and integration in order to take the lead in the improvement of industry concentration

San'an optoelectronics [2.49% Capital Research Report] on July 18, a major contract announcement was released, saying that Shenzhen zhaochi will purchase a total amount of 5 from Anhui San'an, and the market growth mainly depends on the light-emitting diode chips of electric and electronics of RMB 100 million. The purchase amount of RMB 500million, accounting for about 20% of the company's LED operating revenue in 2012. On July 17, Ruifeng optoelectronics [5.03% Capital Research Report] also announced that the company had established a joint venture with TCL and canyuan (Yuxing enterprise) to provide TCL with backlight and LED lighting devices. The registered capital of the joint venture is 200million yuan, of which the company plans to contribute 50million yuan in its own monetary capital, accounting for 25% of the registered capital of the joint venture

in addition, Dehao Runda [6.53% Capital Research Report] previously borrowed investment in Rex lighting [-3.85%], which also found an outlet for the huge chip production capacity. By borrowing the main downstream lighting enterprises to integrate sales channels, Dehao Runda has gradually formed an integrated structure of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and the vertical integration has basically taken shape. Some analysts believe that the company is gradually stepping out of the performance fluctuation period of integration, and is expected to usher in an inflection point in the second half of the year against the background of the overall demand recovery of the industry

the strong in the industrial chain are actively laying out, trying to interpret the story of the strong and the strong in the process of eliminating the weak and retaining the strong in the industry. At present, the competition pattern of the LED industry chain, especially the downstream lighting market, is very scattered, and large and small enterprises with mixed quality fill the market. The upstream is relatively strong, and the internal integration has basically ended. From the perspective of international experience, the vertical integration of the industrial chain is an inevitable trend, and the extension from upstream chips to downstream products is the first choice for enterprise M & A integration

some researchers say that in the future, the industry will develop more and more towards the integration of the whole industry chain. Although the downstream lighting market is highly competitive, the market space is also very large, which is really a place for strategists. The general lighting market is a large market with considerable market capacity and intelligence. In the coming years, LED lighting will achieve penetration from 15% to 60%. In fact, many companies are already laying out. For example, while consolidating the backlight business, Ruifeng optoelectronics is rapidly entering the lighting market, especially in the field of automobile lamps. From the perspective of international experience, automotive lighting is the most profitable in all led fields

Haitong Securities [2.08% fund research report researchers found] according to the research, the premise for the scale to be larger is that the products must be standardized. In the future, chips and light sources will be the most likely links for large companies in the LED industry. Gaoxiaoqiang, a researcher at Changjiang Securities [1.77% Capital Research Report], also said that San'an optoelectronics is currently the leading LED manufacturer with the most obvious vertical integration advantage in China; Ruifeng optoelectronics, Jufei optoelectronics [2.90% Capital Research Report] and others have continuously increased their market share in the field of LED packaging for backlight, and quickly entered the lighting field. The dynamics of these strong players in the future deserve attention

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