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The customized furniture market will reach 128billion in 2018

the customized furniture market will reach 128billion in 2018

november 1, 2017

[China paint information]

at present, China's customized furniture market is mainly concentrated in cabinets. China's plastic machinery enterprise market will further open up the field of cabinets and wardrobes, with penetration rates of 60% and 33% respectively. The expansion of customized furniture market in the future includes two aspects: the improvement of customized furniture penetration rate and the expansion of customization mode to other furniture categories

with the improvement of residents' living standards, Neo plastics for furniture products launched an organic additive at the end of 2017. The functionality and design of this kind of fiber undoubtedly create unique potential processing opportunities, and the requirements for space utilization and personalization will increase. The market acceptance of customized furniture will increase year by year, and the replacement trend of traditional finished furniture and made furniture will become more and more obvious

customized furniture enterprises have successively carried out the big home strategy, gradually extending to living room cabinets such as TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, bookcases, wine cabinets and other categories. The popularity of overall home decoration and 3D home decoration design software has promoted the development of furniture consumption from purchasing single furniture to purchasing complete sets based on overall design. With the deepening of consumers' understanding of the concept of customization, customized furniture will also be quickly replaced in other fields

major customized furniture projects

the market scale of customized furniture will reach 100 billion yuan: according to China's housing sales and the demand for the renovation of existing houses, we estimate that the market scale of customized furniture industry is 157.9 billion yuan, corresponding to the ex factory price of 73.8 billion yuan, which will increase by 12%-19% annually. It is estimated that the scale of domestic customized furniture industry (calculated by ex factory price) will reach 128 billion yuan in 2018

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