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Customized wardrobe is popular in the market. Product design focuses on the "young brand"

when "private customization" becomes a fashion, the wardrobe industry is also destined to be more colorful. Indeed, in the face of a relatively depressed market, customized wardrobe has injected vitality into the wardrobe market this year. Some insiders pointed out that "as young consumers gradually become the mainstream of the market, their smooth functions and results have decreased significantly in recent years. Young people are increasingly pursuing individuality. They all hope that what they do and have can be different. Therefore, private customization has become popular."

customized wardrobe is popular in the market

with the gradual establishment of traceable channels through the certification system, the post-80s and post-90s have become consumer groups in the market. Their consumption concept has changed compared with their parents' generation. They put more emphasis on individuality and pursue personalized consumption. Therefore, the arrival of the era of personalized consumption requires enterprises to keep pace with the times, comply with the development of the market, launch personalized products and create personalized brands. The customized wardrobe is a product that fits this personalized era

customized wardrobes greatly reduce the time spent by consumers in shopping. At the same time, customized wardrobes promote environmental protection to a supreme position in terms of material selection and process production under special circumstances. Customized wardrobe is favored by consumers because of its advantages in these aspects. At present, although the development of customized wardrobe has just begun, it has shown vigorous development strength and has become the mainstream of the industry

wardrobe design is "younger"

in 2014, more and more brands in the customized wardrobe market began to target young consumers, began to "rejuvenate" in product design, and launched "younger" wardrobe products. Compared with the Post-70s, the post-80s and post-90s of the emerging consumer group tend to pursue a vibrant style and personalized style. In order to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers, many customized wardrobe products with exaggerated lines, simple fashion and even cartoon flavor have been widely launched. In terms of design, they are more inclined to grasp the mentality of young people, which is not only applicable, warm, but also dynamic and fashionable

"80 and 90 are a generation growing up with the Internet. They currently act as important decision makers in family shopping. Seizing them is tantamount to seizing the market." a person in the industry said frankly about tensile strength and deformation rate. The "younger" trend of the wardrobe industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the target is the emerging consumer groups of the post-80s and post-90s. In this regard, industry insiders said that seizing the young consumer market will become an important frontier signal for the development of customized wardrobe enterprises in the future, and will have an important impact on the trend of the domestic wardrobe Market to a certain extent

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