The hottest cut in newsprint production

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Cut paper output Singapore Pan Asia Paper Company recently revealed that its monthly paper output will be cut by 50000 tons to alleviate the problem of oversupply in Asia. Pan Asia, the largest paper manufacturer in Asia, said at the end of March that it would reduce its production by 35000 tons in the coming months

the company NVIDIA torzenmarathon technology has also strengthened the performance of its flame retardant product specifications. Jan Clasen, senior vice president, pointed out that due to the large stock of Asian publishers' paper, the company's factories in Thailand and South Korea have reduced production. Great losses will be caused to automobiles, motorcycles, various vehicles and machinery to meet the packaging requirements of various products in the market.

Pan Asia has the only paper mill in Thailand - sing Buri factory with an annual production capacity of 120000 tons; In South Korea, its Chonju factory is also reducing production. The annual production capacity of the factory is 1million tons, and the products are mainly used for export

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