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(Carty doors and windows, one of the top ten brands of doors and windows) when talking about the quality of doors and windows, most people must think about whether the thickness of aluminum is enough, whether the handle of window lock is firm, and the materials that can be seen by eyes and touched by hands are only the basis of the quality of doors and windows, which can be easily achieved by any door and window manufacturer, as long as he is willing

a good door and window not only brings us safety, but also makes our home more comfortable in addition to safety. If safety depends on the hardness of the door and window, then comfort depends on the softness of the door and window. Today, as a domestic first-line brand, Cartier doors and windows want to talk about the soft of doors and windows

there are many such accessories in doors and windows, including sealant strip, wool strip, glass glue, anti-collision rubber block, duck beak glue, glass bead, etc. these accessories may not be available in every product, but as long as there are door and window products with these accessories, they all play a very important role. For example, we often say that the three properties of doors and windows, among which air tightness and water tightness, are the most important functions of these software, Only the wind pressure resistance performance depends on hardware such as aluminum. It can be seen how important the software in doors and windows is

because these important parts are generally in the interior of the profile structure, or the contact part between the door and window frame and the fan, we can't touch or see them. What we can see in time is only a small part, which won't attract the attention of consumers at all. Therefore, some small brands or processing workshops will not be found by consumers with inferior accessories, and the domestic first-line brands represented by Carty, Most of them are imported accessories or high-quality accessories of major domestic brands. Whether domestic or imported, they have automotive sealing effect, which can ensure the service life of decades. Of course, its cost is several times higher than those inferior products

as we all know, the quality level of a product is the result of the joint action of raw materials and production technology. Manufacturers with poor production technology can't produce high-quality products even if they gather the best materials in the world

to judge the quality of doors and windows, don't just look at the surface, but need to deeply understand those invisible things. If it's too troublesome, it doesn't matter. You can trust the power of the brand with the help of the eyes of millions of consumers

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