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As the saying goes: cold is born under your feet, hot feet and warm body! "Electric floor heating" as a new heating method has entered thousands of households. With its unique advantages, shangnuanjia heating tile heating wood floor brings you into the era of heating "health preservation" while giving you warmth, comfort, economy, health and safety

"health preservation": air "clean"

traditional heating uses convection to heat the air, so every heating season, the floating dust caused by air convection will make the indoor air quality very poor, which is easy to cause respiratory diseases. Shangnuanjia heating tile heating wood floor directly converts electric energy into heat energy, without any form of pollution, waste gas, waste water and waste. You can't see obvious dust and pollution in the room with shangnuanjia heating ceramic tile and heating wood floor. Except for warmth, cleanness and health, you can hardly feel its existence. At the same time, the thermal insulation layer laid under the heating body greatly improves the sound insulation effect of the floor, making your room more quiet

"health preservation" part 2: "bask in the sun

shangnuanjia heating ceramic tile heating wood floor applies the heating principle of far-infrared ray in the sun, and uses far-infrared ray with a wavelength of 5.6-15 microns for heating, which is the mildest wavelength in the sun for human body. It can not only diminish inflammation and sterilization, prevent respiratory diseases, but also promote blood circulation. The characteristic of carbon crystal heating is that when the indoor air temperature is 18-19 ℃, the human body feels like 20-21 ℃, which is very comfortable. So in the room with shangnuanjia heating tile and wood floor, you can only feel the warmth of the sun, and there is no dry and muggy feeling produced by traditional heating

"health preservation" part three: "dispel" diseases

shangnuanjia heating ceramic tile heating wood floor is a large area of unobstructed far-infrared low-temperature radiation heating. Among many heating methods, its heating area is the largest, the indoor temperature is the most uniform, and the surface temperature is the closest to the human body temperature. The heat it emits acts directly on the human body in the form of far-infrared ray, which is very beneficial to the human body. It is called the "lifeline" of the human body in medicine. It can activate the synthesis of macromolecular protease, promote metabolism, and is beneficial to health. At the same time, it is not limited by the heating time. It can be heated at any time through the temperature controller installed in each room, and the room temperature can be controlled automatically, so as to avoid influenza fever caused by autumn cold and spring cold and respiratory diseases caused by overheating heating, and make your body healthier

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