Precautions for water and electricity installation

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Do room decoration, “ Concealed works are the key, if “ If the concealed works are not done well, no matter how beautiful the surface decoration is, it is futile. Mr. Yang's house is going to be decorated recently. He asked the reporter if he could do it himself, “ DIY own water and electricity installation. In this regard, insiders remind that hydropower installation is a very professional decoration project. Each of these projects can not be ignored. If there is a problem in any link, it may bring serious economic losses and even harm personal safety. Therefore, it is best to entrust the installation of water and electricity to professionals

◆ the quality of electrical installation products should be checked.

with the increase of household appliances, people have higher and higher requirements for electricity, so the electrical wiring engineering must be carefully designed by electrical engineers before construction, so as to ensure the convenience and safety of owners in life. Chu Yuliang told reporters that the installation of electric lines requires high material quality and construction technology. Wiring materials are generally composed of wires, PVC conduits, wire surface fittings and electrical switches. Because each material has many varieties and different quality, the price varies greatly. In terms of wires, the commonly used wire specifications are 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10 square millimeters, etc., and each specification has many varieties, and the grades are also different. There are international standards, national standards, and some do not meet the standards, and the price difference is 1-2 times, or even 3-4 times. Therefore, we hope that consumers will not only look at price, but also focus on quality

during the installation and construction of hydropower, there will be the installation and transformation of concealed works. For example, circuit installation includes open line installation and hidden line installation, and hidden line includes the knowledge of slotting and embedding

experts remind that the power switch can be set with a horizontal line before installation to ensure that each switch is on the same horizontal line. Generally, the power switch is 120 cm to 135 cm high from the ground (generally as high as an adult's shoulder), so it is convenient to open the switch at the most convenient place as soon as you enter the door. The wall sockets of audio-visual equipment, desk lamps, wiring boards, etc. are generally 30~40 cm high from the ground (the sockets in the living room are determined according to the TV cabinet and sofa). In particular, in order to be waterproof, the socket of the washing machine also needs to be 120 cm to 150 cm high from the ground

experts remind that after the construction, in addition to power on inspection, the householder should also ask the construction team for a detailed circuit configuration diagram

◆ water installation should be well prepared

nowadays, the conventional construction is to bury the water pipe in the wall. Water installation is divided into water supply installation and drainage installation. The task of water supply system is to ensure water quality, quantity and pressure. The principle of water supply pipeline layout is to shorten the pipeline layout on the premise of ensuring the safety and convenience of water supply, and also to facilitate construction, maintenance and beauty

it is understood that most of the water supply pipes used by some formal decoration companies are standard composite copper pipes or RiFeng pipes. Because these materials are of good quality, the cost is also higher, but this is higher than those “ Some substandard composite pipes or galvanized pipes used by guerrillas are much safer and more practical. After the final water supply pipe is laid, it must be depressurized with a test press for 2-3 hours before sealing the pipe. The drainage pipe is used to drain the sewage in people's daily life. Experts remind the owner that the drainage installation should be connected to the outlet with the shortest distance. If the pipeline is long, its slope should be large, and the drainage materials must meet international standards

in the construction and reconstruction of water pipes, it is necessary to prevent sewer blockage. Before construction, the water outlet and floor drain should be sealed and protected to prevent cement, sand and other debris from entering. Once cement and mortar block the passage, it is extremely difficult to clear, which will bring a lot of trouble

◆ tips

1. If you need to consider surround sound, be sure to reserve sound cables

2. After the circuit transformation is completed, the decoration company will issue a water and electricity drawing, but if conditions permit, it is better to take a full picture of the whole transformation with a digital camera, which is much more intuitive than looking at the drawing

3. After the installation of water, warning lines must be made on the wall to prevent the master from damaging the installed water circuit in the later stage




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