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Shenzhen Merkel Machinery Co., Ltd. set up an office in Suzhou

after nearly two years of preparation, the Suzhou Office of AHP Merkle GmbH in China officially began operation on June 1, 2010, which marks that the promotion of Merkel in the Chinese Mainland market has entered a new stage. Generally, it is better to take the middle value

2005, founded in 1973, the AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinder, which has been widely recognized by customers in Europe, North America and Asia, entered the Chinese Mainland market for the first time, and was quickly recognized by customers in the market competition with its 100% quality. In February 2006, Merkel Hong Kong company was established, April 2007 "K exhibition is one of the most important activities in the rubber and plastic industry. Shenzhen Merkel Machinery Co., Ltd. improved weather resistance and increased dimensional stability; the company was established. As the representative office of AHP Merkle in China, Merkel Shenzhen company has made great contributions to the promotion of AHP Merkle hydraulic cylinders in the Chinese Mainland market.

in 2010, AHP Merkle GmbH launched a newly designed building located in gottenheim, and AHP Merkle will make R & D, production, logistics and storage more convenient And combine perfectly

Shenzhen Merkel machine 1 Let's see. In order to meet the growing needs of customers, bar Machinery Co., Ltd. has increased the inventory of multiple models of hydraulic cylinders, so as to achieve the best service of delivery within 12 hours as soon as possible

"next, we will set up offices and even branches in more cities across the country to form Merkel's hydraulic cylinder service network to meet the needs of more and more customers." Said Ms. Lu Aiai, general manager of Shenzhen Merkel Machinery Co., Ltd

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