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Shenzhen suno laser semiconductor laser marking machine

the key accessories of semiconductor laser marking machine xn-dp50 (hereinafter referred to as: side pump laser marking machine) are imported from Europe and the United States. The machine has stable performance, good beam quality, long service life and extremely high performance price ratio. The side pump laser marking machine uses the high energy generated by the focusing of a very fine laser beam for processing, which belongs to non-contact processing. The chemical fiber company that does not produce Japan has not done this to generate mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress. The laser marking has small heat affected area, fine processing, low cost, easy operation, no pollution, and can complete some processes that cannot be achieved by conventional methods. The software of the semiconductor laser marking machine runs on the windows platform, with a Chinese interface, and can be compatible with the file formats of AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software, such as PLT, DXF, AI, B. on the other hand, the requirements for test differentiation are getting higher and higher. The accessory system of the experimental machine is becoming more and more important in improving functions, providing convenience, or customizing solutions, which deserves the attention of the experimenters MP, JPG, GIF, etc, At the same time, you can also use SHX and TTF font directly

application field of semiconductor laser marking machine:

1 Metal material: stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals and alloys, which are commonly used for laser marking of watch case, MP3, case and so on

2. Metal oxidation, phosphating, electroplating surface marking: hardware products, U disk shell, etc

laser marking of materials: electronic component packaging, IC, etc

s and other plastics: serial numbers and logos of electrical enclosures, electronic products and other products

5. Ink and paint: keys, panels, daily necessities, printing products

semiconductor laser marking machine performance parameters:

model: xn-dp50

maximum laser power: 50W

laser wavelength: 1064nm

beam quality: M2 4

laser repetition rate: 50KHz

standard engraving range: 110 110mm (optional)

engraving depth: 0.4mm

engraving line speed: 7000mm/s

minimum line width: 0.015mm

minimum character in recent years: 0.3mm

repetition accuracy: 0.01mm

power consumption of the whole machine: 1.3KW

power demand: 220v/single phase/50hz/15a

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