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Shenzhen Sante successfully applied UFIDA T6 enterprise management software

in recent years, the development of China's construction machinery industry has been smooth. However, with the advent of the international financial crisis, many manufacturing enterprises have been greatly impacted, and the market competition has become more intense. Machinery manufacturing enterprises that urgently need to improve their competitiveness put forward higher requirements for upstream and downstream industry chain suppliers. As one of the suppliers in the construction machinery industry, hydraulic parts supporting production enterprises need to improve their own management level, improve the market response speed, so as to avoid the loss of customers and resist the high pressure brought by the economic cold wave

difficult development under the economic crisis

Shenzhen Sante Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is a small and medium-sized enterprise producing supporting hydraulic parts, with only 26 people. At the beginning of its establishment, the enterprise was only a pure trading company, and its business was only simple to buy and sell. Its operation was very simple. When the domestic construction machinery industry developed rapidly, Sant hydraulic achieved rapid development. Later, it transformed to production and increased its procurement, manufacturing, after-sales and other businesses. Sant hydraulic introduced a set of purchase, sales and inventory management software to cope with the increasingly stretched management front and maintain the normal operation of the enterprise

after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the competition in the domestic construction machinery market has become extremely fierce. The upstream manufacturing enterprises have put forward higher requirements for the delivery time and response speed of supporting suppliers, and Sant hydraulic gradually feels the pressure of management. Because the salesperson can't respond to customer needs in time, customer satisfaction is reduced. At the same time, the delay and wrong delivery of orders occur from time to time, which leads to complaints from customers, damages the reputation of the enterprise, and even leads to the dynamic collection of customers, which encourages us to develop materials that can deal with our own loss when they are not needed. With the decline of business efficiency, Sant hydraulic has encountered a bottleneck in its development

benefits swallowed by extensive management

Sant hydraulic mainly deals in hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and other accessories. Due to the large variety of products and complex material structure, it is difficult for managers to know the actual situation of inventory. On the one hand, the lack of some materials has affected the normal production and delayed the delivery of goods; On the other hand, the surplus materials are stored in the warehouse for a long time, which affects the turnover of funds and virtually causes the increase of hidden costs

in the procurement process, the variety of goods and the fluctuation of market price also increase the difficulty of implementing the procurement plan. Due to the lack of standardized process management, the progress of each order cannot be determined in the procurement process, resulting in problems such as lack of purchase, insufficient purchase and repeated payment, which wastes the cost of the enterprise. Moreover, without a scientific evaluation of the suppliers of various materials, buyers can only choose suppliers based on experience, which is easy to increase the cost of procurement and reduce the implementation quality of the procurement plan

more importantly, due to the independent management of procurement, sales, production, inventory and other departments, a "information island" with weak interlayer force of graphite has been formed, and enterprise operators cannot effectively carry out unified control. With the extension of the management front, the internal process has become more complex, and the management problem of lack of communication between departments has gradually become prominent. Enterprises cannot realize the whole process tracking of orders. They often find that the inventory of finished products is insufficient after customers urge goods, and carry out emergency procurement, emergency production, emergency transportation, and sometimes "highway to air transportation", which greatly increases the transportation cost

refined management helps enterprises soar against the market

in order to improve the management status of enterprises, Sant hydraulic introduced UFIDA T6 - enterprise management software to replace the previous simple purchase, sales and inventory software, which improves the management efficiency of production, procurement, sales, finance and other links. At the same time, after the launch of UFIDA T6 enterprise management software system, all departments work under one information platform, realizing the sharing of information in all links, and improving the level of enterprise management as a whole. Moreover, all key process nodes operate efficiently under the monitoring of software, avoiding many human errors

through the information platform established by UFIDA T6 - enterprise management software, managers can query the implementation progress of each order. Once they find that there is insufficient inventory, they can make preparations for goods transfer in advance, and the phenomenon of order delay has been significantly alleviated. Moreover, after delivery, the system will automatically produce a customer's account receivable, which is convenient for enterprises to manage customer relations and speed up the turnover of enterprise accounts receivable. In terms of inventory management, Sant hydraulic optimized the inventory structure, established a real-time inventory and financial accounting system, and promoted the efficient turnover of funds. As of the beginning of April, the inventory backlog of Sant hydraulic has been significantly improved, and it is expected to fall to 58.3% year-on-year growth by the end of 2009. Yout6 - 60% before the use of enterprise management software system

under the efficient management of UFIDA T6 - enterprise management software, the business process of Sant hydraulic has become more standardized and smooth. On this basis, the company has established a supply and marketing system based on demand, which has improved the response speed of the market and significantly improved the operation efficiency of the entire supply chain. After greatly improving the test piece, Sanlian heavy industry released its customers. Sanlian heavy industry once brought several management experts to assess the enterprise's supply chain management. As a result, Sant hydraulic successfully passed the review with its excellent management level, and therefore became a high-quality supplier of Sanlian heavy industry


the use of UFIDA T6 - enterprise management software has improved the management of Sant hydraulic procurement, sales and other links. More importantly, it has enhanced the ability of various departments to coordinate management and improved the overall operation and management level of the enterprise. The general manager of the company said that although the financial crisis has caused a great impact on small and medium-sized enterprises, it is also an opportunity. Enterprises can use this period of time to strengthen their own management, practice their internal skills, and prepare for the arrival of the next round of economic boom cycle, and informatization is undoubtedly an important step to help enterprises achieve flying against the wind. (end)

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