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Shenzhen Unicom will participate in the 2019 China customer experience Innovation Conference

the 2019 China customer experience innovation conference hosted by CTI Forum () will be grandly opened at Westin Hotel, Yitian, Shenzhen on October 17. The theme of this meeting is to create the ultimate experience and stimulate infinite possibilities. China Unicom Shenzhen Branch will participate in the exhibition

see the official of the conference for details:

this exhibition, Shenzhen Unicom will mainly show the open communication platform of China Unicom to the participants:

the open communication platform of China Unicom (C Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is listed in the 182 key brand enterprises op in Shandong Province) is a major innovation of China Unicom in the reform of the supply side of increasing the accuracy of communication experiments, opening the voice, code number and other network capabilities of operators to the cloud, Encapsulated into an API code form that can be called through the Internet, it can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's application system to help enterprise customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and promote transformation. It is the only open communication platform in the industry that has a national fixed mobile number and supports full recording

enterprises do not need to pay attention to the underlying development of communication functions. They only need to simply call the communication capability interface of China Unicom through SIP docking or API. The original system does not need to be modified, the development cycle is short, and it can quickly access the national voice. There is no need to go around to pull relays, and there is no need to run local business acceptance. As long as it is connected to the Internet or a special line, it can obtain the national channel

the main business revenue growth of China Unicom communication open platform (COP) large paper enterprises is widely used in many fields, such as banking, insurance, logistics express delivery, social education, real estate, home appliances, e-commerce, automobiles, etc., to solve the needs of national groups of enterprises with multiple stores and important means for the survival of calls, such as central localization outbound calls, moving private numbers, full recording, etc., and truly realize one-point access, one-point acceptance, one-point opening A little management

Introduction to Shenzhen Unicom

Shenzhen Branch of China Unicom (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Unicom), a branch of China Unicom established in Shenzhen, is under the management of Guangdong Branch of China Unicom (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Unicom). The company is mainly engaged in mobile communication business in Shenzhen, domestic and international fixed networks and facilities (including local wireless loops), voice, data, image and multimedia communication and information services, telecom value-added services, IP services and other services approved by the state, as well as system integration related to communication and information services

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