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Shenzhen will build a global graphene industry center, and industrial development is expected to speed up

Shenzhen will build a national and even global graphene industry center, taking the lead in the new round of industrial development. It was learned from the detailed pre-sales lecture on graphene Industry Development held in Shenzhen recently that Shenzhen attaches great importance to the graphene industry, supports relevant research institutions, industrial alliances and enterprises, and strives to achieve breakthroughs in industrial standards, R & D and application

the symposium was guided by China International graphene resources industry alliance and hosted by Shenzhen Federation of industry

Zhang Jingan, chairman of China International graphene resources industry alliance, said that graphene is becoming a disruptive new material in the contemporary era. China ranks first in the world in patent application, paper publication and resource possession in the field of graphene. Shenzhen graphene industry has a good market environment, high research and development level, and rapid industrial transformation. A number of industry leaders have been born. It is hoped that Shenzhen will strengthen its efforts to make Shenzhen the preparation center of 4.2 test pieces of graphene industry in the future world, and become a "olefin Valley" comparable to Silicon Valley in the United States

it is reported that Shenzhen has the largest graphene application market in China. There are many lithium batteries, electric vehicles and enterprises in Shenzhen, and the supporting conditions of the industrial chain are leading in the country. Shenzhen enterprises not only ensure the experimental accuracy industry, but also in the field of graphene R & D and application. It is expected that in the next 10 years, regulators around the world will issue regulations to limit the carbon emission of passenger cars. Now there is a certain breakthrough. For example, Huaxun ark successfully built the world's first graphene terahertz chip, and enwang technology is the first to industrialize graphene scientific research achievements in the world. Huawei cooperates with the University of Manchester to carry out graphene application research, BYD is fully developing graphene lithium iron phosphate batteries. At the same time, Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute and Shenzhen University have accumulated a certain research foundation in the preparation of graphene and its application in lithium-ion batteries

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