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Shenzhen MoMA design: pursue the true meaning of details

brand is the lifeline of enterprises, while the focus of competition is industrial design. How can we design a product that meets the needs of the market? What kind of mode is most suitable for the development of industrial design in the market? Please see:

China's fixture for tensile testing machine Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. now briefly introduces some parameter designers: personalized design is an innovation of industrial design. How to treat the problem of homogenization in design

Zuo guogang: with the popularity of, the homogenization of product design is becoming more and more prominent, especially the problem of appearance homogenization, which is helpless. How to develop a brand that distinguishes itself from competitors and reflects its own brand personality has become an urgent problem faced by manufacturers, especially Chinese local manufacturers. The homogenization of appearance design is largely due to the neglect of detail innovation. At present, the personalization and fashion of materials are still an irreversible development trend. On the one hand, we should continue to use the personality embodied in the collocation of functions, appearance modeling, colors, materials and decorations to measure the anisotropy and fashion of materials marked by ear making rate; On the other hand, we should highlight the details in the appearance design, and achieve the differentiation of appearance design through local innovation and the novelty and change of details. I hope that every work presented to the public will have intriguing details, which are subject to the whole and contain something lasting. In addition, I especially believe in the significance of color for vision

Chinese designers: you think the personalized design in the design is very detail oriented, so what do you think MoMA does to maintain the style consistency of customers' brands

Zuo guogang: our ID designers are usually divided into two groups to implement a project. Generally, there are 4-6 mature solutions delivered to customers. These solutions are the results of repeated discussion by team members and 3D implementation. If whose design language can better represent the connotation of the customer's brand, he will become the leader of this design. On the contrary, the trial force is smaller than the calibrated force

Chinese designers: we know that you have your own experience and experience in the use of color. Can you talk to us in detail

Zuo guogang: color shows mercy everywhere, enriches the whole world, and it is also integrated into our life. We use it to express personality and affection. If there is no color in this world, the existence of objects will only be bodies, not souls. Different age, gender, race, occupation, education level and other requirements are different. At the same time, it is a symbol of identity and a kind of consumer electronics in China. Therefore, through the reasonable design of color, the relationship between people is more cordial and the sense of indifference is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to design according to the psychological characteristics of different consumers in order to make consumers at all levels have a sense of pleasure. For example, men are required to be rough, generous, and use straight-line colors, which is full of masculine style. Women, on the other hand, pay attention to beauty and delicacy, and use more curved colors, which is in line with women's psychology

Chinese designers: you mentioned in the "first Shenzhen industry Global Competitiveness Forum" that Chinese traditional culture is an ideological treasure with endless design inspiration. How do you reflect it in the design process? What works of your company can best reflect the charm of traditional culture

Zuo guogang: Chinese traditional culture attaches great importance to "people-oriented thinking", advocating respect, respect and love. The appearance differentiation design should adhere to the human nature, carefully study the cultural concept, aesthetic consciousness and value orientation of Chinese consumers, and fully consider the dual needs of different consumers for function and emotion. Put the design into a larger humanistic environment and the background of the times, make the design more humane, reflect more humanistic care, and let people and machines establish a more harmonious and close relationship

Chinese designer: two "permanent standby king" and d168 leisure products designed by MOMA won the "top ten competitive products in China's industry in the first quarter of 2007". Can you tell us about the design concepts of these two masterpieces

Zuo guogang: "the king of perpetual standby" is designed mainly according to the concept of the king of standby, which reflects the characteristics of green and environmental protection solar energy. At the same time, it has a large touch screen, so this feature is highlighted in the design. The whole shape is soft and rigid, rich in hierarchical beauty, and very fashionable. D168 is a "luxurious" mobile phone. Why do you say this (2) when the conditions such as forming pressure, mold design, temperature are bad? His top shape is based on the Cadillac car. The two sides of the shell are inlaid with leather materials, which absorb the unique and precious leather materials of ancient Rome and Italy, and sew exquisite gold thread around it. In addition, when the phone calls, the six gemstones glitter with colorful light and streamer, which will carry the luxury to the end

Chinese designers: in the whole industrial chain, design is at the front end of the industrial chain and occupies a very important position. What do you think of this problem

Zuo guogang: the United States has conducted a survey. The average investment of American industrial design is $1 and the sales are $2500. Industrial design accounts for 51% of Hitachi's sales. According to the survey, the major factors of purchase include brand, function, price and appearance. Appearance now accounts for about 70% of the total purchase. In the future market, we need more products, but we also begin to pursue personalized design. All our efforts are to meet the changing needs of consumers. If we can become the leader of fashion trends, we can win the market. (end)

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