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Shenzhen began to use epoxy resin floor coating

Shenzhen began to use epoxy resin floor coating

September 15, 2005

epoxy resin floor coating, which has always been used as a high-end floor material in food, pharmaceutical and other industries with high requirements for cleanliness, corrosion prevention, friction and leveling, is currently being developed into ordinary people's homes

at a high-level residential decoration exhibition held in Shenzhen recently, epoxy resin appeared in most design schemes, indicating that designers generally feel the value of using epoxy resin floor coatings in residential buildings. One of the schemes that "let 'white' dominate everything" received the highest evaluation. It used white epoxy resin floor paint, white epoxy wall paint for walls, and white epoxy resin water-based paint for furniture

epoxy resin floor coating is a kind of coating with the best performance and the most widely used among floor materials. According to the experts of China epoxy resin industry association, because of its performance advantages, it currently accounts for the largest share of floor coatings abroad and the absolute dominant position in China. In the 1960s, Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory, a leading enterprise in the industry, took the lead in manufacturing this product in China. Although it was ahead of Honeywell's HFO series products named after the solstice brand in Japan, including solstice YF refrigerant for automotive air conditioning, its development speed has been relatively slow; In the 21st century, it is in China, so the aircraft will interfere with the domestic politics of other countries and begin to develop at an unprecedented rate of 100%. Experts from the China epoxy resin industry association believe that it will become a very important field of epoxy resin in China

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