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Shenzhen Jingda won the national printing equipment science and technology progress award

recently, Jingda company received a good report. In the national printing equipment selection organized by the China printing and equipment industry association, Jingda products stood out, among which superbinder -8000 intelligent glue binding linkage line won the first prize of the national printing equipment science and technology progress award, Diamond -110 automatic sewing machine won the second prize of the national printing equipment science and technology progress award. This is the full affirmation of the research level and innovation ability of precision Dako's reference gb/t1040 plastic box load material tensile strength, tensile modulus and tensile stress-strain relationship measurement method after precision Dako's products have been recognized by the majority of customers

improve durability by 50%

about Jingda

Shenzhen Jingda Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of post press binding equipment. Taking the enterprise spirit of excellence and perseverance as the foundation of the company, aiming at the world-class post press equipment, with the scientific development concept and strict modern management means, we strive to create and elaborate, and constantly launch high-end post press binding equipment that fully embodies automation, humanization, high efficiency and environmental protection and highlights the characteristics of modern technology and high cost performance to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad

users in more than 50 countries and regions around the world are using precision equipment. Every year, dozens of agents and users from all over the world come to visit the factory. His thermal insulation core material also needs to use flame-retardant B1 materials. They see a precision team with advanced management, strict work, fine production and full of vitality. The world's top binding machinery manufacturers also frequently visit to discuss multi-level cooperation. The excellent development prospect of precision also attracts foreign post press senior technical talents to join

declaration of equipment with a travel of less than 500mm:

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