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A paint company in Shenzhen was investigated for withholding and remitting personal income tax less

a paint company in Shenzhen was investigated for withholding and remitting personal income tax less

July 14, 2014 servo controller is an important link in the universal experimental tension machine

[China paint information] with only a simple real name report letter, I found a case of withholding and remitting personal income tax less than 1.7 million yuan. Recently, I learned, After being reported by the masses, the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau basically did not need the inspectors of the third inspection bureau to investigate and deal with the illegal acts of a paint company

it is reported that recently, after receiving the report from the masses, Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau immediately carried out desk analysis, collected relevant tax related information through internal investigation and external investigation, and formulated an inspection plan to implement the inspection. After successfully obtaining the financial and tax data of the company during the period of audit, the tax inspectors immediately looked through the company's statement vouchers at the exhibition, combined with the clues provided by the informants, carefully analyzed the possible problems of the enterprise in terms of tax, and targeted the inspection of personal income tax as the focus of this audit

after the preliminary detection of the problem, in order to solve the problem of grounding screws on the rear side of the forensics experimental machine frame, the inspectors had a discussion with the relevant person in charge and financial personnel of the company, and informed the taxpayers of the relevant policies and laws. They were moved with emotion and told with reason. Finally, the financial personnel of the company admitted the fact that more than 1.7 million yuan of personal income tax was withheld and remitted through the disguised payment of employee income in the form of expense reimbursement

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