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Shenzhen will build a "furniture quality consumption ecosystem" to promote industrial upgrading

Shenzhen will build a "furniture quality consumption ecosystem" to promote industrial upgrading

March 24, 2017

[China paint information] recently, the Shenzhen Consumer Commission and the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association jointly launched the action of jointly building a "furniture quality consumption ecosystem" with the theme of "good people raise their hands, first-class standards, quality challenges, crowdfunding supervision", Strive to gather the strength of Shenzhen furniture pioneer industry, and convene all sectors of society to jointly promote the construction of green furniture consumption environment in Shenzhen. At the launching ceremony, nine well-known furniture enterprises in Shenzhen announced that their products had reached the EU standard, which was the benchmark of environmental protection quality of Chinese furniture. Among them, the release of formaldehyde, benzene and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) was comparable to or even higher than the EU standard, and raised their hands on the spot, expressing their willingness to accept consumer supervision with confidence

"For a long time, the quality labeling of the furniture industry and the lag of furniture product testing standards have made consumers face an embarrassing situation of 'rights protection difficulties' when dealing with various furniture quality problems. The' furniture quality consumption ecosystem 'is to build a platform for green quality standard enterprises to connect with consumers. On the one hand, furniture enterprises issue sampling reports irregularly throughout the year, accept the supervision of the whole society, and organize Organize consumers to the production line of furniture enterprises, strengthen interaction, and improve the trust of consumers and the popularity of enterprises. On the other hand, guide the whole furniture industry to establish a furniture quality ecosystem, and achieve win-win results in furniture product consumption, industrial development and social progress. " Relevant personnel of Shenzhen consumer committee said

in fact, in recent years, furniture consumption complaints have been continuous, and "quality gate" events have occurred frequently. According to the data, in 2016, the Shenzhen Consumer Committee received a total of 964 complaints about home furnishings, among which "the quality of furniture products is worrying", "there are potential safety hazards in furniture", "counterfeit furniture already exists", "furniture has peculiar smell" and other issues are prominent, and the investment in children's furniture and customized furniture increased significantly. According to the survey of Shenzhen consumer committee, although the national mandatory standard "furniture consumption and use instructions" has been implemented since 2004, a certain proportion of furniture without instructions is sold on the market. Even if there are instructions, they are not formulated in accordance with the standard format. The industry is in chaos and needs to be regulated urgently

according to Yang Lina, deputy director of saide testing center of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, the biggest problem of furniture consumption complaints is "strong smell". The main reasons are that the current domestic furniture standards have very limited control over harmful substances. First, sofa products lack the limit standard of harmful substances, while the formaldehyde test of wooden furniture and mattresses is destructive, and the test method is not perfect and scientific, Enterprises and consumers bear high risks, and quality control is difficult. Second, the technical requirements and test methods for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other harmful substances are not specified in the harmful substances of the finished furniture. At the same time, the national standards fail to integrate and monitor the finished furniture and the raw and auxiliary furniture. 9. When using, the limit requirements of materials must be operated according to the procedures specified in the instructions. As a result, the overall furniture has a strong smell but lacks inspection basis, making it difficult to control the quality from the source of production. On January 1 this year, Shenzhen officially implemented the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone specification" limits of harmful substances in finished furniture and raw and auxiliary materials, which aims to guide enterprises to cleaner production, and increase the use proportion of low pollution and low hazard furniture raw and auxiliary materials such as environmental friendly paint adhesives by strengthening law enforcement and publicity, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of furniture quality

furniture quality problems have been criticized for a long time. The existence of harmful substances and other problems is not only related to environmental quality, but also related to the health of people's livelihood. In order to regulate the development of the industry, under the guidance of "Shenzhen Quality" and "Shenzhen standard", Shenzhen, which has always been aggressive, has strengthened the standards, improved the safety belt tension testing machine, and the dynamic change of the machine is displayed on the corresponding screen. When the force value reaches the maximum value of the tensile broken column of the sample, the sample is broken, and the electromechanical machine stops running. At the same time, it emphasizes the power of consumption drive, forces the development of enterprises with consumer supervision, and makes quality more dignified with environmental optimization, The discussion and action of "furniture quality consumption ecosystem" is a good start

"Shenzhen is the pioneer of China's reform, and Shenzhen furniture is the pioneer cluster of China's furniture. It is duty bound to shoulder the heavy responsibility of leading the industrial transformation and upgrading. The furniture product quality consumption ecosystem is an innovative mode of furniture quality upgrading. It will rely on the basis of China's green furniture premium products and Shenzhen standards, eliminate the industry chaos, actively create new demand, and help Shenzhen furniture lead the improvement of the overall level of China's furniture industry. This is Shenzhen furniture Shenzhen furniture industry is another innovative measure for Shenzhen manufacturing and even Chinese traditional manufacturing. All the cell costs are greatly affected. " Insiders can also ask the frequency converter manufacturer to analyze the anti-corrosion processing of the circuit board

it is reported that in order to speed up the construction of the "ecosystem", Shenzhen consumer committee will jointly hold "green furniture into the community publicity activity", green furniture enterprise comparative experiment, consumer experience, furniture NPs evaluation and other activities this year, and timely publish the evaluation results and data to the whole society to form a "closed loop" of consumption supervision, and work with consumers, enterprises and other relevant parties to build a good quality consumption environment, Promote the quality upgrading of furniture industry

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