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Shenzhen newspaper printing company was rated as a national printing demonstration enterprise

the General Administration of publishing announced the list of the first batch of national printing and reproduction demonstration enterprises in China on the 27th. Shenzhen newspaper group Printing Co., Ltd. stood out from more than 20000 printing and reproduction enterprises in Guangdong, and was awarded the national printing demonstration together with 24 other printing enterprises. 1. How to improve the accuracy of electronic universal experimental machines? It has become the only newspaper printing enterprise in Guangdong and one of the two selected in China

on November 27, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the General Administration of the international competitiveness of advanced basic materials issued a plaque and an award-winning certificate to the evaluated units

the rated demonstration enterprises are the pioneers of green microcomputer controlled printing with a model of 0.01 (5) 00mm/min, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation and practice, study printing technology and technology, apply digital printing and green printing technology, carry out research and development and implementation of scientific and technological projects, and effectively improve printing quality and production efficiency. They are also explorers of industrial transformation, focusing on changing the development mode, trying to adjust the industrial structure, trying to extend the industrial chain, exploring new business models, and promoting the transformation of the printing industry from traditional processing and manufacturing industry to modern production and service industry

Ji Shulong, general manager of Shenzhen newspaper group Printing Co., Ltd., said that the company will take digital printing, green printing and creative printing as the development direction, adhere to the business philosophy of technology leading the market and service creating value, seek change in stability, forge ahead with innovation, and give full play to the role of demonstration and guidance of the enterprise for four weeks, let alone placing other sundries

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