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Problems after printing of packaging

first, the process is backward

the binding process is still based on manual iron wire flat binding. The manual operation of complex procedures from text folding to back ironing is inevitably arbitrary, which is the main reason for affecting the development of productivity and difficult to guarantee the quality. The film covering equipment introduced in the 1980s is a glue compound type. The process principle is glue coating, drying and compounding

the composite adhesive is suitable for the production operation of the machine. It needs to go through the phase of changing from solid state to liquid state (convenient for machine coating), and then reducing from liquid to solid state (to form bonding) repeatedly. In order to have the operability of film coating production, it is necessary to invest a large amount of (80%) organic solvent first, and then give high-power thermal energy (kw) to volatilize the organic solvent when the phase changes

this process of making shields with spears causes a lot of pollution in the production process, which is harmful to the physical and mental health of operators and the cleanness of the surrounding environment; It is very easy to produce sudden fire, so that safety production cannot be guaranteed; After coating, the products are prone to mass foaming and defoaming quality accidents; After coating, the product is prone to odor migration caused by the volatilization of residual organic solvents, which is the root of various problems such as peculiar smell and deterioration of packaged goods

glazing process includes both glazing and calendering process and UV glazing process. The drying technology of converting liquid glazing paint to solid state makes its surface dry during processing, and the interior cannot be dried at the same time. After processing, the interior continues to dry, which will affect and change the color of the ink printing layer

II. Equipment defects

manual binding after the spine is coated with adhesive, the supporting plate borrowed when transferring the edge adhesive to the front and back sides of the album is misaligned, and the adhesive coated on the spine is pasted off, which changes the original glue uniformity

the temperature control of back ironing during manual binding rarely has the function of automatic adjustment. Production automation is a hot topic in the future technological development of the shoemaking industry, resulting in poor drying and spine deformation when the temperature is low; When the temperature is high, the drying is too fast, and the local area shrinks sharply, or the film covering layer is hollowed out or melted

the defects of the milling cutter structure of the binding equipment are easy to cause the milling groove of the text album to be too shallow, and the binding hot melt adhesive is not easy to pour

the reverse coating structure of the laminating equipment is driven by independent power. The difference in matching with the composite host will cause more or less error in the amount of glue applied, which will affect the stability of the bonding force

in the same drying tunnel, there are actually three different temperature areas and three concentration areas opposite to the effective volatilization of organic solvents in the drying device of film covering equipment, resulting in a waste of resources and failure to achieve the expected bonding effect

the gluing of the film coating equipment is designed together with the film feeding mechanism, so that the area with large volatile concentration of organic solvent is just in the electrostatic field of film feeding. The electrostatic sparks released by it and the extremely flammable and explosive volatile gas with the largest concentration are the root causes of sudden fire in the instant gluing wet composite process

the thermal guarantee of the hot pressing mechanism of the film coating equipment is generally unreliable due to the structural design and production processing defects such as the small diameter of the heating roller, the thin pipe wall, the uneven thickness of the pipe wall, and the heat conduction of the single cavity air medium

dispersed microfiber can enhance toughness. The coating thickness of glazing equipment is lack of reliable control device, which can not meet the requirements of glazing coating film formation. The drying devices of glazing equipment lack deep drying structure, so that the drying is only surface level. Hot stamping anodized equipment is only the hot pressing main structure of layout replacement. There is no pretreatment device for processing the substrate surface. Thus, in the processing of new base materials, only hot pressing can not guarantee the quality

III. The materials are old

the adhesives for manual binding are all hydrated, and the concentration control is not standard. It not only causes unstable bonding force and uneven shrinkage after drying, but also makes iron nails easy to rust

EVA is still the main component of hot melt adhesive for binding. Paraffin wax is used to adjust its fluidity, tackifying resin reflects the warming degree of the international market, and talc powder improves its hardness. The materials in the composition are contradictory groups. The infiltration of the book block depends on the fluidity at high temperature. The guarantee of this fluidity is exactly the inducing factor to accelerate the aging of hot-melt colloid, reduce the adhesive force, and significantly deteriorate the embrittlement at low temperature

solvent based adhesives for film coating are habitual materials. The fierce competition at the low price of film covering processing not only tends to choose solvent-based adhesives that seem to have a low price but have a high actual cost, but also forces adhesive producers to choose alternative composite materials in order to ensure their survival at a low price. In turn, it aggravates the pollution in the production process and the occurrence of product quality problems after coating

the composition of binding hot-melt adhesive, film covering adhesive, glazing paint and other materials is basically based on the early special issue materials of foreign countries, using materials that have been eliminated by foreign advanced countries

IV. weak technology

the composition of the basic post press team, which is a member of the pre press and post print screening. Compared with prepress and printing production processes, the educational level is low and the age composition is relatively large. In the process of surprise production and processing, many idle rural workers have been temporarily and urgently added to the manual production line. Post press staff seldom receive systematic training, and most of them lack basic printing knowledge. Basically, the post press is in a physical state of repetitive work

some production personnel in technical posts lack mechanical knowledge and necessary basic skills of maintenance, repair and adjustment, and cannot give play to the normal efficiency of machinery

many producers do not understand the characteristics of the substrate. Do not understand but can reduce the cost of different changes caused by the impact of climate on the substrate, and you can't see the slight deterioration of the substrate. You can't inject the objective conditions of such characteristics and changes into your own operation intention, and correspondingly adjust the production conditions, so as to achieve the best processing effect

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