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At present, the competition between printing enterprises has gradually shifted to the competition between scale and efficiency, including the upgrading and expansion of equipment. Therefore, some enterprises have purchased automatic silk printing machines, automatic die cutting machines, automatic bronzing machines and other equipment. Whether it is a lower level semi-automatic model or a higher level full-automatic model, it is to obtain clear and accurate prints. Among them, the regulation mode has become an important link to determine the performance of the machine. In the printing machine where the target is welded to the reinforcement of the pier body selected in advance, is the regulation mode of the full-automatic and semi-automatic silk printing machine the same

to answer this question, you must first understand the knowledge of printing positioning. The so-called printing positioning is to limit the movement and sliding of the substrate in some directions, such as along the x-axis or y-axis, that is, to limit the degree of freedom of the substrate in a certain direction. The diversity of silk printing products determines that the positioning of silk printing is a complex process problem. The specific situation depends on the specific conditions and objects, but the repetition and consistency of printing products must be guaranteed

at present, the main positioning methods of plane printing are:

1) positioning pin positioning method: that is, according to the principle of determining a plane according to three points on different lines, three support points separated by a certain distance are used for positioning. This method is mostly used for printing materials with low overprint requirements

2) additional auxiliary positioning of vacuum absorption: now general plane printing machines are equipped with an air extraction device, which is used to generate vacuum absorption and is suitable for printing of high precision prints

3) the automatic silk printing machine limits the positioning through the corresponding positioning device in the fixture, and its principle is similar to that of the offset press device

the following is illustrated by syp2b lithography machine produced by United Engineering Industrial Company and wpg780 roller lithography machine produced by a manufacturer in Shanghai. In the printing process, the semi-automatic plane printing machine can adjust the rules not only by adjusting the positioning pin directly, but also by moving the platform. As shown in Figure 1, move the nut at a clockwise, and the platform enters; Move counterclockwise and the platform will exit. The full-automatic screen printing machine is positioned by directly adjusting the left and right and front and rear rules of the version. As shown in Figure 2 and figure 3. Rotate the first hand wheel near the control panel in the rear frame to realize the left and right adjustment of the version; The front and rear regulators of the version are installed on the rear frame, and the requirements can be met by rotating the adjusting handwheel

there are some differences in positioning and adjustment between the full-automatic printer and the semi-automatic printer. For example, the left and right adjusting nuts are both clockwise adjusting nuts in the adjustment of bone healing due to electrical stimulation. In the full-automatic printer, the start-up computer is frame removal, while in the semi-automatic printer, the platform moves in; Rotating the left and right adjusting nuts counterclockwise shows that the frame moves in in the full-automatic printer and the platform moves out in the semi-automatic printer. The effect is the same. Through simple comparison, we can realize the similarities and differences of its operation, and gradually master the adjustment rules of various models

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