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Post press consumables and increasing energy utilization costs Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out in his government work report at the second session of the Eleventh National People's Congress that the price reform of resource products will be promoted in 2009. Continue to deepen the reform of electricity prices, gradually improve the formation mechanism of electricity prices, transmission and distribution electricity prices and sales electricity prices, and rationalize the relationship between coal and electricity prices in a timely manner. With the introduction of the direct power purchase plan in the second half of 2009, the power reform will continue to advance, and the electricity price will rise to a certain extent

as we all know, the packaging and printing industry is a small profit but quick turnover industry. Under the influence of the world economic crisis, packaging and printing companies have vigorously implemented the development strategy of "green, low-carbon, recycling and ecology" and promoted the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the plastic processing industry. The industry has faced overcapacity, declining profits and fierce competition, while the marketization process of electric energy has put forward new topics for the cost accounting of enterprises

some enterprises will bravely transfer the increased production costs to customers at the risk of losing business; Some enterprises will find their own reasons to rationalize the cost of raw materials and energy. Maybe everyone ignores that in addition to the electric energy generated by the machine itself, consumables, which may not be noticeable, can not only affect the power consumption and performance of the machine itself, but also affect the surrounding environment, and play a decisive role in power consumption

the new generation of environmental friendly glue animal protein glue produced by Wenzhou Jichuan glue Co., Ltd. needs to be used after heating, which is suitable for post press bookcase machine and heaven and earth cover. The softening point of animal protein glue on the market varies from 40 C to 70 C. Most people who buy glue are unfamiliar with the softening point, which is the critical temperature from solid to liquid and the temperature at which amorphous polymers begin to soften. The softness and hardness of animal protein glue is not the definition of intuitive quality. On the contrary, the lower the softening point, the lower the heating temperature of the machine, and the less power consumption, which is conducive to controlling the energy cost. Moreover, the drying speed of animal protein glue directly affects the speed of the machine, thus directly affecting the output. It is a new subject to give full play to the machine speed and make full use of energy

at the 2010 Lihua international color box exhibition to be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan on April, 2010, more than 100 well-known suppliers of consumables and accessories at home and abroad will compete with each other on the scene. The on-site display products will include nearly a thousand kinds of packaging and printing consumables and accessories, such as adhesives, base paper, inks, plates, varnishes, plastic box sheets, etc., providing the most complete consumables procurement and trade platform for on-site audiences. Wenzhou Jichuan rubber will also come to the scene to provide products that reduce energy costs and improve production efficiency for the majority of packaging and printing enterprises

power consumption comparison table

l machine power consumption due to the different unit price of industrial power per kilowatt hour in various regions, Take Wenzhou as an example, Wenzhou Sanxiang uses electricity from 0.95 yuan to 1 yuan per degree

(the electricity charge in the following table is calculated according to 1 yuan per degree)

machine electricity


electricity required for working 12 hours a day

electricity required for glue constant temperature of 50 C

electricity required for glue constant temperature of 70 C

electricity price difference

(calculated by 20%)


120 degrees

120 yuan

144 yuan

24 yuan

saving 24 yuan a year * 30 days * December =14400 yuan

l power consumption of peripheral supporting equipment (12 hours cooling in summer)

3 air conditioners (about 3 kW)

5 air conditioners, and the shore a hardness value is obtained Adjustment (about 5 kW)

36 yuan

60 yuan

price difference 24 yuan *30 days *3 months =2160 yuan

Wenzhou Jichuan rubber is happy to provide you with products that reduce energy costs and improve production efficiency

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