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Possible problems and Countermeasures in the implementation of third-party packaging (Part I)

this paper analyzes the possible problems in the implementation of third-party packaging, such as imperfect functions of third-party packaging, conservative ideas of enterprise managers, difficulties in enterprise reform and information communication, and points out the Countermeasures for the successful implementation of third-party packaging. Key words: third party packaging; Problems; Countermeasures

as a relatively new management concept and organization form in China, third-party packaging will gradually be recognized by people for its low packaging cost, high-level, high-quality and professional packaging services. However, due to the supporting software and hardware of the third-party packaging center and the change of people's ideas, it is necessary. 2. Synchronous toothed belt planetary deceleration system: a process of driving the lead screw to rotate and load, In the process of its implementation, we may encounter such problems. Based on the analysis of these problems, this paper puts forward the Countermeasures for the smooth implementation of third-party packaging

1 problems that may be encountered in the process of promoting third-party packaging

1.1 the function of third-party packaging is not perfect

at present, third-party packaging has no scale, and most of them can only provide paper packaging services or plastic packaging services, but do not have the ability of product packaging. Some third-party packaging can only provide product packaging services, but do not have the ability of packaging design and packaging production. Therefore, to successfully build third-party packaging, In order to improve its function. The construction of third-party packaging mainly has the following three forms:

1) the transformation from the strong combination of traditional packaging production enterprises to third-party packaging. For example, the paper packaging color printing company with certain packaging design ability and the plastic hose manufacturer form a third-party packaging to complete the production of complete toothpaste packaging. The third-party packaging constructed in this way usually does not have the ability of product packaging, As a result, the filling and packaging process of toothpaste had to be completed by the customer

2) the third-party packaging is built by the packaging base, a branch of the logistics park. At present, the packaging base of the logistics park mainly completes the sub packaging of products, and does not have the design and production capacity of product packaging. Therefore, the packaging of products is mainly achieved by purchasing

or ordering

3) the packaging department (or company) of the group product manufacturer gradually expands to build a third-party packaging center. For example, the packaging department (or company) of a large group of large companies such as Coca Cola company and P & G company has full strength to establish a third-party packaging, that is, to make full use of its packaging. If it is necessary to add special accessory equipment, extend its packaging business until it realizes socialization, the third-party packaging constructed in this way also has certain problems, That is, the packaging design and production links are relatively weak, and even some packaging needs to be ordered from other companies

judging from the construction of the above three kinds of third-party packaging, at present, the third-party packaging generally has the phenomenon of imperfect packaging functions, which can not be called the third-party packaging in the full sense. Even some third-party packaging companies are actually "Bag Companies", which operate only by one boss and several salespeople. Such companies do not have any packaging equipment at all, and the packaging companies they cooperate with are not fixed, It is always in the state of "one shot for one place", and the product quality is not guaranteed, which makes people have a bad impression on third-party packaging companies

1.2 the traditional and conservative ideas of enterprise managers are deeply rooted

if the third-party packaging mode is adopted, the basic operation of the enterprise will inevitably be disclosed to the third-party packaging company. In today's increasingly fierce competition, the core competitiveness has become an important obstacle to the survival and development of the enterprise, she said, and the leakage of core operation elements has become a problem for the enterprise, so in order to protect its own rights and interests, They all have a secret mentality, don't want others to know their output and technology, and have a certain skepticism about third-party packaging

traditional enterprises lack analysis of packaging costs. Affected by the concept of "small and complete", enterprises always have a mentality of "fat water does not flow to outsiders". They are always afraid that additional profits will be earned by other enterprises. They prefer to buy Packaging equipment by themselves and package by themselves, rather than seek packaging services from outside, and there is a certain hostility to third-party packaging

1.3 traditional enterprises are hesitant about third-party packaging in the face of change

the packaging of products belongs to a labor-intensive industry, if the traditional packaging method is changed to. Outsourcing. The third-party packaging can print out the completed experimental report and experimental curve in real time. Enterprise leaders inevitably encounter two problems:

1) enterprise layoffs. If third-party packaging is adopted, a large number of packaging personnel will be idle in the enterprise, leading to layoffs, which will cause great changes in the enterprise management structure and major adjustments to the internal management structure of the enterprise, which makes the senior managers of the enterprise dare not act rashly, making it an obstacle to the implementation of third-party packaging

2) traditional. Small and complete. Of enterprises, there is a problem that some packaging equipment is idle. Due to the influence of traditional ideas, at present, most enterprises have certain packaging equipment. Although the scientific and technological content of these packaging equipment is not very high, it is used by enterprises after all. Heavy money. In return, if third-party packaging is adopted, these equipment will inevitably be idle. If they are sold as second-hand equipment, they will get little income. Therefore, such enterprises prefer to package their products by themselves, making it an obstacle to the implementation of third-party packaging

based on the above two points, traditional enterprises are always hesitant when choosing third-party packaging, which hinders the implementation of third-party packaging

(to be continued)

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