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Model of ship collision arbitration agreement

Author: China Maritime Arbitration Commission

China Maritime Arbitration Commission (1994) standard format

____ Year__ Month__ Day

__________ Representative________ Ship No. (flag State: \\\port of registry: \\ (address: \\\\\\telex: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Same__________ Representative__________ Ship No. (flag State: \\\port of registry: \\ (address: _____: _____telex: ____fax: ____postal Code: ____) (or)__________ Representative__________ The property owner of (address: _____: ______telex: ____fax: ____postal Code: ____) The agreement is as follows:

Article 1 both parties agree that the structure has the advantages of high stiffness, high efficiency and stable transmission__________ Same as vessel No__________ Ship No____ Year__ Month__ Day____ At (GMT or Beijing time)__________ All disputes arising from the local collision, including the amount of compensation and losses to be borne by the parties, shall be submitted to the China Maritime Arbitration Commission for adjudication

the second item is the loss for which compensation is claimed (3) shows the static tightening stiffness; For property preservation, both parties agree that__________ On____ Year__ Month__ Day ahead__________ Submit_________ Security deposit or guarantee; By__________ On____ Year__ Month__ Day ahead_________ Submit__________ Security deposit or guarantee

the party providing guarantee to the other party in accordance with the first paragraph of this article is not deemed to have admitted the collision

if a party provides a guarantee that fully complies with the provisions of paragraph 1, the other party may not apply to the court for the arrest of the ship and property owned by the other party

Article 3 if both parties fail to reach an agreement on paragraph 1 of Article 2 of this agreement, or although both parties reach an agreement, one party does not receive the guarantee provided by the other party, or the guarantee expires within the time limit, paragraph 3 of Article 2 of this agreement will not apply

Article 4 both parties agree that the other party shall inspect its own collision damage and provide convenience

Article 5 the arbitration procedure shall be conducted in accordance with the arbitration rules of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission. The award of the Arbitration Commission is final and binding on all parties

Article 6 unless otherwise expressly agreed, this Agreement and the arbitration conducted in accordance with this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China

Article 7 in case of any change in the name, address, fax number, telex number or mail or code listed in the preamble of this agreement, the China Maritime Arbitration Commission and the other party shall be notified immediately. Otherwise, all letters, documents, etc. mailed at the address and faxes and telexes transmitted at the number shall be deemed to have been delivered when the arbitration commission or the arbitration tribunal considers that a reasonable time has elapsed

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