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The seller x x x x x (hereinafter referred to as Party A) the buyer x x x (hereinafter referred to as Party B) the guarantor x x x (hereinafter referred to as Party C) hereby purchases and sells the factory and machinery together with ancillary items through the intermediary x x X and reduce carbon dioxide emissions x x introduction all parties agree to agree on the terms of the sales contract as follows:

Article 1 Party A is willing to set up its sole proprietorship in the x x x factory, No. x, X Road, X District, X city, X city, and the equipment in the factory, production machines and accessories (see the following additional tax sales label for details) are all sold to Party B, and Party B is willing to pay the price according to the contract

Article 2 the purchase and sale price of this item is respectively agreed as follows by both parties:

(I) the whole negotiation price of the plant and its ancillary buildings is RMB x x x x only

(II) the negotiation price of the plant and its ancillary items is RMB x x x only

(III) the bargaining price of the generator is RMB x x yuan only

(IV) the labor cost subsidy of hydropower facilities in the plant is agreed to be RMB x x yuan only. It can change all kinds of performance of "I"

the total price is RMB x ten thousand x hundred x ten yuan only

previous price × 2. Party B shall pay all the money to Party A in a lump sum on the same day when the contract is signed, and Party A shall count and receive it in person under the witness of the broker, and take the seal under the money as the basis without setting up a separate receipt

Article 3 on the same day when Party A receives the price in the preceding article, Party A, together with Party B, the guarantor and the broker, shall go to the factory address specified in Article 1 of the contract, and check the factory buildings (including the doors and windows, fan factories, internal partitions, additives, electrical, water facilities, etc.) and production machines together with ancillary items one by one, and hand them over to Party B to pay a clear lesson on the business income

Article 4 Party A has informed Party B of the delivery of the subject matter of the sale at the same time, and Party B has verified that the physical part of the subject matter received is complete and confirmed, and there is no defect on the delivery

subsequently, Party B shall not claim the defect of the subject matter and request Party A to reduce the price and return part of the price

Article 5 on the same day of the establishment of the contract, Party A will hand over to Party B the industrial and commercial registration certificate (No.) of the selling factory and the commercial business registration certificate (No.) of the x x government, as well as other relevant documents, for the purpose of name change or inheritance

Article 6 after the transaction is established, Party A shall prepare the relevant property right registration documents for the subject plant and buildings to be purchased and sold, and Party B shall, on the designated day, jointly apply to the competent real estate administration authority for ownership transfer registration, or apply to the tax collection authority for the obligation of changing the procedures of the housing tax payer. If a separate written document should be issued for the formalities, or Party A's signature and seal are required; Party A shall deal with it unconditionally, and shall not make it difficult to prevaricate or ask Party B for subsidies to reduce the migration and provide excellent optical rotation resistance for the coating

Article 7 Party A guarantees that the subject matter of this transaction is owned by itself and has nothing unknown with others

in case of any objection or failure from a third party in the future, Party A should come out to resist and remove all obstacles reasonably, and Party B must not suffer any loss

Article 8 Party A guarantees that the full ownership of the subject matter of this transaction has not been established by entering into a sales contract with others, mortgage, pawn, pledge and other rights, or provided as a guarantee for any creditor's rights

Article 9 If Party A violates one of the contract conditions in the preceding two articles, in addition to exercising its rights in accordance with the provisions of non performance of debts, Party B may investigate Party A for criminal liability according to law. If Party C is willing to bear joint and several performance debts with Party B, Party C's guarantee will not be extinguished until Party B's debts are fully performed

Article 10 Party B shall be responsible for the payment of the subject matter of this transaction and the relevant business water and electricity as well as the personnel costs or the tax and labor dues payable of the factory from X, x, x, x, X. However, Party A shall be responsible for the previous part, otherwise Party A shall compensate Party B for the damage caused thereby

Article 11 from the date of signing this sales contract, Party A shall not use the x x factory number or any name related to the factory to negotiate with others. If Party A violates the preceding paragraph and Party B suffers damage, Party B may request compensation for the damage, and Party A shall not object

Article 12 before Party A sells the factory, the factory has outstanding creditor's rights and debts both inside and outside, and Party B will not assume or accept them. Such creditor's rights and debts will still be obtained or repaid by Party A

however, Party B shall not collect the creditor's rights on behalf of Party A, otherwise Party A may investigate

Article 13 the agreed burden of the transaction fee is as follows:

(I) the stamp and notarization fees and value-added tax of this transaction contract shall be borne by Party A

(II) Party B shall bear the costs of the registration of the transfer of property rights of the factory buildings and the registration of the change of factory name

Article 14 this transaction shall not be terminated or repurchased by either party for any reason

Article 15 the subject matter of this transaction is as follows: x x x

this contract is made in duplicate, with each party holding one copy

seller (Party A): x x x x print

unified ID card number:


buyer (Party B): x x x print

unified ID card number:


guarantor (Party C): x x print

unified ID card number:

x x x x mm/DD/yy

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