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A total of 42 photovoltaic power generation projects in Qinghai Province have been approved by the government

this year, a total of 42 photovoltaic power generation projects in Qinghai Province have been approved by the government, and the construction of Qaidam gigawatt photovoltaic power station group has begun on a large scale. Recently, the photovoltaic power plant and engineering inspection and verification team of Guodian Qinghai electric power company has completed the sorting out of the leading stages of 30 photovoltaic projects in Qaidam, and made various preparations for the later acceptance and start-up

it is understood that the centralized launching of many photovoltaic power stations will bring severe challenges to the safe operation of Qinghai's relay team, which has broken the record. To this end, Guodian Qinghai electric power company has accelerated the construction of supporting power. In order to standardize the technical conditions of photovoltaic power stations and prevent the occurrence of large-scale photovoltaic power station disconnection problems, it has jointly carried out a special study on large-scale photovoltaic power stations and technologies with the Chinese Academy of electric power, the State Academy of electric power and some photovoltaic electromechanical power generation enterprises that press the "interrupt" button, and built some substations for the design of photovoltaic power station supporting projects Acceptance and operation laid a foundation. At present, on the Gobi desert, 30 kilometers east of Golmud City, a new 330 kV substation has been built. As one of the most important supporting power projects of the Qaidam photovoltaic power station group, it will eventually be connected to 13 photovoltaic power stations

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