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Reasons for weak turning of excavator

it is normal for the excavator to walk in a straight line or turn in place, but weak turning occurs when any walking lever is operated alone

failure cause of excavator's weak turning:

1. After the power supply of the right travel motor is turned off, the plug and seat are pressed firmly by hand, and the oil quantity is insufficient

2. Reverse connection of LS pipeline

3. The overflow valve on the rotary motor is broken.

4. The amplitude change and rotary overflow pressure of the main valve are small. Adjust the overflow valve pressure of the main valve

the excavator is unable to turn and repair, and the particles are of good quality:

1. Check whether the speed of the excavator's working device, the overflow pressure value and the traveling overflow pressure value are all within the specified range

2. Then, check whether the oil pressure value of the traveling motor of the excavator motor is normal

3. If it is abnormal, it indicates that the fault is caused by insufficient oil supply to the excavator travel motor. The reason for the insufficient oil supply of the excavator travel motor is likely to be that the LS pipeline of the excavator is connected reversely. Therefore, after the LS pipeline connection method is exchanged, the excavator is unable to turn and troubleshoot


in addition, the overflow valve on the slewing motor of the excavator is broken, and the mechanical property test method of the slewing overflow pressure value of the main valve is mainly divided into two categories. Too small may also lead to the failure of the excavator to turn weakly

in the actual operation of the excavator, if the LS oil pipe is connected reversely, it may not only cause the excavator to turn powerlessly, but also cause the excavator to rotate and operate the stick alone or the boom and bucket at a slow speed

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